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Choosing majors

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Declaring majors

Students can self-declare most specializations on the Student Service Centre during the registration period between June and mid-September. Students cannot declare their major online during the rest of the year. Specializations can be adjusted throughout a degree as interests change or develop.

Bachelor of Applied Science

BASc students can declare their specialization in their third year of the program. The specializations are Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or Mechanical Engineering. BASc students can also apply to complete a Minor in Computer Science or Management. Students are not able to declare these specializations on the web. Applications or inquiries should be directed to the Department.

Bachelor of Arts

BA students must declare their majors at the end of their second year (after completing a minimum of 48 credits) prior to registering for third year. However, there are many majors in the BA that can be declared once a student is promoted to second year. All majors within the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies (for example, Cultural Studies, French, Spanish, Art History, etc.) can be declared upon entering second year. BA students wishing to declare a Major in Anthropology, Economics, Psychology, and Sociology may do so once they are promoted to second year. Due to the requirements for the Major in Psychology, students are strongly encouraged to declare this major once promoted to second year. BA students may declare a minor once they are promoted to third year. A minor is not a requirement for degree completion. 

Some majors in the BA program are not available for self-declaration. If you intend to major in one of the following programs, please contact the person listed for assistance.

Degree Major Contact Office Contact Information
 BA  Creative Writing Academic Advising
 UNC 207
 BA  English Academic Advising  UNC 207  250.807.9100
 BA  General Studies Academic Advising  UNC 207  250.807.9100
 BA  International Relations Dr. Adam Jones   ART 257
 BA  Political Science Academic Advising  UNC 207  250.807.9100
 BA  PPE Dr. Carl Hodge  ART 255
 BA  Sociology Academic Advising  UNC 207  250.807.9100

Bachelor of Fine Arts

 BFA students in Visual Arts do not have to declare a major. Students may choose to add a minor (this is not a requirement to graduate) in any Arts or Science subject. A minor can be declared upon entering the third year of the BFA program. Adding a minor will most likely require more than four years to complete.

Bachelor of Human Kinetics

Students who wish to focus their non-Human Kinetics electives may undertake an optional minor program in conjunction with the B.H.K. degree. All courses in the minor must be taken outside of Human Kinetics. Students completing the B.H.K. may complete a Minor in Arts (e.g., Gender and Women’s Studies, Indigenous Studies, Psychology, Sociology, etc.) or Science (e.g., Biology, Chemistry).

Students must pay particular attention to the number of upper-level credits required for a minor versus the number of credits available in their upper-level non-HMKN electives. Careful planning is required. Students are advised to seek assistance from Academic Advising to ensure appropriate program planning.

Bachelor of Management

Management students have the option of adding a Minor in Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Economics, Psychology, or Sociology to their Bachelor of Management degree in their third year. To complete a Minor in COSC, CULT, ECON, PSYO or SOCI, students must accumulate no fewer than 30 credits in their chosen subject. At least 18 of these credits must be numbered 300 or above. This may require students to take additional credits of study. 

Bachelor of Science

BSc students must declare their specialization/Major at the end of their first year (after successfully completing a minimum of 24 credits) prior to registering for second year. All Majors in the BSc can be self-declared on the SSC. For a list of possible majors in the BSc programs, check out the Academic Calendar.  

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BSN students are not required to declare a Major/Minor/Specialization/Concentration to complete their degree. 

BA or BSc Honours Degree

As per the Academic Calendar, graduating from the BA or BSc with Honours "provides an intensive program of study in an established discipline or program. Students who complete this program will learn to work independently with a high standard of competency in their chosen field." Typically, graduating with an Honours degree requires a specific GPA and a thesis. Check the Academic Calendar to see if your Major has an Honours option; eligibility requirements will be listed there. Students can apply to the Honours program at the end of their third year of studies. For information on applying to the Honours program, please contact your faculty specific program advisor.

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