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Online learning coaches (OLCs) are senior UBC students here to connect you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed, whether you’re looking for help getting the most out of your online courses, developing study skills, or assistance finding a particular resource or support. 

OLCs help you find positive change in your studying and learning practices — whether you want to improve your study skills, create a schedule to de-stress your term, or plan ahead for assignments and projects. Don’t forget the ‘O’ in OLC — OLCs are here to help you adapt to the requirements and demands of learning online.

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Personalized online learning support is available for both Undergraduate and Graduate students. Graduate students can find more information about the Graduate Online Learning Coaches (GOLCs) on the College of Graduate Studies website.

Both OLC and GOLC schedules can be accessed by logging into myWCOnline or by using the individual links below.

Kathleen Thompson
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Prisha Vaidya
Bachelor of Arts, Anthropology and Psychology

Abdirahman Mohamud
Bachelor of Engineering – Civil

Resham Ramdewar
Bachelor of Arts, PPE

Geethma Jayathilake
Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Arianna Johnstone
Bachelor of Science, Environmental Studies, Biology

Muskaan Srivastava
Bachelor of Arts, Economics and Political Science

Siddesh Nambiar
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Delaney Collins
Bachelor of Human Kinetics

Soumyaa Veerakumar Subramanium
Bachelor of Arts, Psychology

Anastasiya-Izabela Krahelskaya
Bachelor of Arts, PPE

Tsz Hei Breanne Chui
Bachelor of Management

Reise Agnew
Bachelor of Science, Psychology

Aditya Swami
Bachelor of Science, Zoology & Bachelor of Arts, Theatre

Dakota Catalfamo
Bachelor of Education (current) Bachelor of Arts English and History

Joy Kirit Shukla
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Thishani Rajapakshe
Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry- Medical and Molecular Biology & Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy

Dilara Kakillioglu
Bachelor of Arts, International Relations

Eloise Espel
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Nicole Vanderleest
Master of Social Work Student, Faculty of Health and Social Development

Saeed Moghaddam
PhD Candidate, School of Engineering

First time booking an appointment or attending a session?

To connect with an OLC, easily register for an account on myWConline. Once logged in, select the “HUB: Online Learning Coaches” schedule from the drop-down menu. You can use the “Limit to:” menu to select to an OLC specific to your area of study. Choose your appointment  time, fill out the form, and press save. You will receive a confirmation with Zoom link sent to your registered email.


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how can an olc help?

Personalized study skills coaching

There are many ways to approach learning, but to learn effectively, you need to tailor your study habits to your own needs. This often means understanding your interests, motivations, and tendencies that influence your learning—and choosing strategies that maximize your strengths.

Through one-on-one, strength-based conversations, online learning coaches help you set, meet, evaluate and achieve your academic goals and connect you with resources to help you succeed in your studies. They also facilitate workshops, drop in sessions, and discussion forums to connect you with other students in your program and help build a sense of academic community.

Providing personalized support specific to your area of study, an online learning coach can help you:

  • Get support with strategies and resources for online learning
  • Learn about online course delivery format and expectations
  • Connect with technology support and help with questions related to Canvas and other UBC platforms and software
  • Find out about campus resources and services specific to your needs to help you succeed
  • Learn how to set, meet, evaluate, and achieve your academic goals in an online learning environment

Support tailored to your personal learning goals

Online learning coaches are here to help you navigate the online learning environment, encourage your strengths, and develop personalized strategies you can use to overcome the challenges of academic life.

Online learning coaches can also assist you with referrals to other campus programs and services. If you are not sure where to go for help, an OLC can help guide you to the support you need.

An OLC can help you develop your skills in:

  • Time management
  • Note taking
  • Reading textbooks
  • Motivation
  • Focusing in class
  • Preparing for exams
  • Metacognition (applying and analysing course information)
  • Writing exams
  • Online learning requirements and expectations
  • Communicating with peers and instructors while studying remotely
  • Group work in online learning
  • Using learning technology
  • Setting goals and planning your term
  • Accessing free student supports and developing a support plan

Who should I meet with: Online Learning Coach?

If you would like help with general study skills, we suggest you book a one-on-one meeting with an Online Learning Coach (OLC). OLCs are senior students who are trained to help you improve your study skills and provide mentorship as you navigate the online learning experience.

Students talking on Zoom

… or the Learning Strategist?

If you would like professional learning support and/or identify as part of a group the Learning Strategist provides specialized support for, we recommended you book a virtual one-on-one consultation with the Learning Strategist. In partnership with you, the Learning Strategist will take an in-depth look at your learning, provide you with tailored guidance, and support your academic growth.

Still not sure who to meet with?

Contact the Student Learning Hub

Online Learning RESOURCES

Created by your Online Learning Coaches, the SLH Online Learning Resources Canvas course is designed to provide you with free resources and materials to help you be successful in your online courses. This course is self-guided, low-stakes, and completely free.

You can go through the modules in order, or select the topics that are most interesting to you. You can also chat with an OLC or join a discussion.

Topics include:

  • Getting started with online learning
  • Learning technology at UBC Okanagan
  • Time management and planning
  • Communicating online
  • Study skills for tests and exams
  • Self-care while learning online
  • Academic integrity
  • Campus services

Don’t know where to start?

To learn more about how an Online Learning Coach can help you hone your online learning and study skills and achieve your academic goals, or for assistance with booking an appointment, email

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