LearnSmart is a course-specific program embedded in registered first-year courses to help students learn and adopt successful learning strategies that will help them throughout their academic career.

A collaboration between student support professionals and UBC Okanagan faculty, LearnSmart is designed to provide students with the knowledge, resources, and strategies to achieve their academic goals.

Research has shown LearnSmart positively influences study habits and helps students manage their learning. Students report feeling more familiar with critical thinking and time management strategies, and access learning supports and resources more often.

How it works

In participating first-year courses, a series of mandatory seminars are strategically embedded throughout the term to introduce students to learning strategies and approaches to effectively manage study habits.

The first seminar takes place near the beginning of September. During this visit, a trained learning strategist will visit your class and guide students through a series of activities that highlight university expectations, time management strategies, learning supports and services, useful campus resources, and wellness tips.

After the first midterm, the learning strategist returns to the class, using questions from the exam to demonstrate critical thinking strategies and show students how to analyze and apply course information—not just memorize it.

Along the way, students will complete a series of confidential online surveys to reflect on their progress.


Request LearnSmart for your class

To support as many first year students as possible, LearnSmart is usually embedded in classes that are foundational to a degree program or have high student enrolment. Current collaborations support Chemistry, Economics, Human Kinetics, Psychology, and Sociology.

To learn more about LearnSmart or to inquire about your own class, contact the Student Learning Hub.

Email: learning.hub@ubc.ca