Alternate Format for Course Material

Contact the DRC  to set up an appointment with the Coordinator. In keeping with the DRC guidelines and in accordance with the Canadian Copyright Act, the coordinator reviews your disability documentation to determine accommodations. If you are new to UBC, you should meet with the DRC Coordinator at least two or three months before the start of the set up an appointment with the Coordinator.

Alternate format materials provide students with print disabilities access to academic materials. Eligibility for these materials is determined on your documented need.

Examples of alternate format materials are:

  • Accessible PDF
  • Digital audio
  • Electronic text (e-text)
  • Braille
  • Large print texts

The Crane Library at UBC Vancouver produces and houses a collection of alternative format materials which are available to students at the UBCO campus.

Requesting alternate format materials

Once you have been granted eligibility for alternate format materials, you must submit an Alternate Format Materials Request Form for each item you need in alternate format.

You must also submit the following:

  • the actual material to be produced in alternate format;
  • the course syllabus for the course that you require the material for; and
  • proof of purchase of the course material(s).

Alternate format policies and expectations

Our alternate format procedures are guided by copyright requirements to ensure that we do not compromise service. As well, the course syllabus is required so that the Crane Library staff can produce materials in priority sequencing. Incomplete requests will delay the production of the materials. You are responsible for providing all of the necessary information and materials.

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