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Frequently Asked Questions

(Note: responses below are in regard to our 2018 Parent Conference. Stay tuned for 2019 information)

When and where does Parent Conference take place?

Parent Conference 2019 will take place twice and we encourage folks to choose one date that works best for them. Details are still being finalized, but Parent Conference will be offered on the following 2019 dates:

  • Mon Aug 26 (morning) - for parents arriving with their students for Jump Start.  
  • Sun Sept 1 (afternoon) - after Residence move-in, open for parents of students living both on- and off-campus.

The event is called Parent Conference - can any family member attend?

Any family member that will be supporting a new-to-UBC student is welcome to join us at Parent Conference.  Please note: sessions will be tailored to suit the needs and perspectives of parents/guardians of new-to-UBC students.  Students are welcome to join in for the campus tours, but students will have the chance to do a campus tour during Create New Student Orientation.

Should my new-to-UBC student attend Parent Conference?

In sum: no.  Parent Conference is specifically for the parents and family members of new-to-UBC students.  Your student does not need to attend Parent Conference as they will be well informed about the programs and resources available to them through their specific orientation programs

My student isn't living on campus in their first year.  Should I still come to Parent Conference?

Absolutely! We even have a session specifically tailored to parents of commuting students offered on Sun Sept 1 only.  

What will my student be doing while I'm attending Parent Conference?

If you join us on Mon Aug 26, your student will be with the Jump Start program getting acquainted with the other Jump Start participants.  If you join us on Sun Sept 1 and your student is moving into on-campus student residence, they will be participating in their mandatory floor meeting with their Residence Advisor in the afternoon.  During this meeting, your student will meet their Residence Advisor, their community members, and learn about community standards. Parents and siblings can not attend these floor meetings.

Can I bring my student's siblings?  

You are welcome to bring the siblings of your student along if they would like to join you. The information offered will be tailored for the parent experience.

The Mon Aug 26 Parent Conference takes place during Jump Start.  Where can I find details about Jump Start?

To find out more about Jump Start, please go to that program's website.  

The Sun Sept 1 Parent Conference takes place after residence student move-in.  Where can I find details about residence move-in?

All sorts of wonderful information about move in day and great check lists (Before you leave home and What should I pack) are all available from Student Housing and Hospitality Services' website.  

Should I attend both offerings of Parent Conference?

We believe that you will find that all of your questions are answered by attending one of the conferences offered.

What is the format for the day?

Our Parent Conference schedule is in development and will be set later in the summer.  Those who register will be emailed with specific details for the day, including our schedule.

Previous parents have suggested bringing a pen and paper for note taking.

What happens if there are more sessions that you would like to attend than concurrent sessions available? 

All of the presentations being offered and the contact information of the presenters will be available online so that you can catch up with the content you are curious about.  Previous parents have suggested that if you are attending with your partner that you may wish to attend different sessions to attend all the session of interest.  

Can I bring my dog to Parent Conference?

Although dogs are a part of our families, we suggest that you leave your pets at home or in the care of someone you trust.  If you have traveled to Kelowna with your student and brought your pet with you, you may consider boarding your pet for the day at a local dog daycare.  

Logo - Bark n FlyLocal dog daycare Bark n’ Fly will be offering a special UBCO Move-In Day discounted price on Sun Sept 1 for their daycare services and special extended hours to accommodate those attending Parent Conference.  The UBCO Move-In day rate is $10 (plus tax) for a full day of dog daycare, 8:00am to 6:00pm.

Please note: All those interested in taking their dogs to Bark n’ Fly must bring proof of current vaccinations for Distemper, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza (typically in one combined vaccine called DA2PP), and Bordetella (kennel cough).  Dogs over the age of 10 years require only the Bordetella vaccination.  Questions can be directed Bark n’ Fly at 250-765-8100 or general@barknflyonline.com.

Of course, if you have a service dog they are welcome to accompany you.  Contact us if you have any questions about your pet.

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