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Immigration support and advising

Planning to stay in Canada after graduation? Our Study and Stay services listed below are designed to help you navigate the immigration pathways, policies, and processes you’ll encounter when applying for Permanent Residence.

Attend a workshop, submit a quick question to receive e-advising, meet with an advisor for one-on-one support, or browse through resources at your own pace through our self-paced Pathways to Permanent Residency Canvas course.

Looking for a comprehensive guide to Permanent Residency and career planning? Register for the Global Pathways Career Program.

Permanent Residence Workshops

Attend our Study and Stay PR workshops to learn about immigration streams, eligibility, processes, and systems involved in applying for Permanent Residence after graduation.


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Permanent Residence E-Advising

Submit a quick question about your PR application to receive an email response.

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Meet with our designated International Student RCIC Career Advisor for a one-on-one immigration advising appointment.

Note: You must attend at least one Study and Stay Permanent Residence Workshop (see above) before booking a one-on-one advising appointment.


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Pathways to Permanent Residency CANVAS COURSE

Access our self-paced Study and Stay Canvas course to review your documents, eligibility and process for applying for Permanent Residence.

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Global Pathways Career Program

This comprehensive program is designed to address challenges unique to the international student experience and empower you through your career development and immigration journey.

We understand that each student’s career goals and journey are unique — that’s why the program is intentionally flexible so you can attend workshops that apply specifically to your own personalized Career and Immigration Plan, which you will develop through completion of the program.

How does it work?

  • The program consists of four compulsory sessions over four modules, with one deliverable assignment and the option to complete one additional module.
  • Sessions focus on career readiness, job-search strategy, interview and networking skills, as well as immigration information for remaining in Canada as a temporary or permanent resident.
  • Elective sessions are offered in partnership with relevant organizations on campus, and from within the community.

International students who complete the Global Pathways Career Program will be able to:

  • identify and explore their own identities/workplace expectations in relation to the identities and expectations of others;
  • develop intercultural competence/fluency as a means to create more meaningful interview, networking, and workplace interactions;
  • participate in sessions to identify skills, prepare for the job search, and complete up-to-date and relevant resumes and cover letters;
  • navigate IRCC (immigration) documentation requirements to support the Canadian and international workplace transition.

At the end of the program, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion along with your own personalized Career and Immigration Plan.

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