Pathway to PR Supported Employer (PW2PR)

UBC Okanagan is proud to partner with employers looking to support the Permanent Residency (PR) journeys of student and alumni Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) holders as they build their careers and gain skilled work experience after graduation.

What is a PW2PR — Pathway to PR Supported Employer?

If you see a position posted on the UBCO Job Board by a PW2PR — Pathway to PR Supported Employer, this means that the employer has partnered with UBC to help recruit international graduates and eliminate intercultural barriers to employment.

Employers with this special designation want prospective PGWP-holding applicants to know that they support their long-term immigration goals by advertising this clearly in their postings to students on UBC’s job board.

What is the advantage of applying for a job with a PW2PR — Pathway to PR Supported Employer?

A PW2PR — Pathway to PR Supported Employer has worked directly with UBCO to receive support to:

  • Ensure the job skill level of their position has been assessed and deemed to be or TEER 3 or higher to meet Canadian immigration PR criteria
  • Review and assess the required documents* to support the employee’s PR application for general completeness and compliance with the most relevant immigration pathway for the role (Provincial Nominee – International Graduate, Federal Express Entry – CEC or both)
  • Commit that these documents will be made available to workers within a reasonable time frame (typically after probation or 1 year of employment)

Note that a PW2PR — Pathway to PR Supported Employer is not required to provide:

  • Financial support for the cost of the PR application
  • Professional consultation fees
  • Support for spouses or other family members

* The PR pathways available to most graduates do not require employer sponsorship or an LMIA, but do require supporting documentation from the employer to facilitate the PR application. UBCO reviews these documents for PW2PR employers so that they can give employees the best chance at securing permanent residency.

Employers advertising “PW2PR – Pathway to PR supported by UBC Okanagan” are not affiliated or endorsed by UBCO. Displaying this marker in job postings is simply to indicate that with the support of UBCO, the employer has taken the basic steps to gather the documents necessary to support the PR journey of its employees, and has committed to making those documents available to employees on post graduate work permits (PGWP). Applying for permanent residency is ultimately the responsibility of the PGWP holder.


Are you an employer that would like to offer this great benefit to your employees, or a UBCO graduate that is working for a company that would benefit from this?

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