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Knowing yourself is one of the most important pieces to your career journey. Understanding your abilities, interests, values, strengths, and skills and how they relate to meaningful work will help to develop career ideas and pathways. There are four key components to help you identify and relate your skill set:

  • Self reflection
  • Self assessment
  • Talk to people
  • Get experience


Reflecting on your experiences helps you learn about yourself.


Using career assessment tools will help you evaluate yourself and connect you to labour market trends. There are no magic career assessment tools that will tell you the best career for you. Career assessments are a tool that help you identify strengths and abilities and how they relate to certain career paths.

There are multiple career assessment tools available for use, such as the Holland quiz and the Strong Interest Inventory.

Free first step. Complete this checklist to prioritize six interest areas. Take top-scoring categories to ONET OnLine and type your codes into the “Advanced Search > Interests” to see which jobs value the same areas as you.

What is your academic major’s Holland “code”? See this chart with general categories of fit (PDF).

Take the quiz online Print the quiz (PDF)

The Strong Interest Inventory links your interests and preferences to various careers. You will receive a comprehensive report that you can review with a Career Advisor.

Fee (cash only):

  • $10 for current students
  • $25 for alumni (either campus – in person only)
  • $40 for prospective students who have applied to UBC Okanagan

If taking the Strong Interest Inventory is something that interests you, contact us.

Sample report (PDF)

Talk to people

Talking to people in an industry is a fantastic way to learn about multiple career paths and different ways to reach your goals. These conversations will help you clarify your interests and skills and how to develop them for future employment opportunities. To start connecting to alumni and professionals use our Ten Thousand Coffee HUB, LinkedIn, and attend university events.

Get experience

Gaining experience is a valuable way to clarify your abilities, interests, values, strengths, and skills. It is often through experience we discover what we are not interested in pursuing which then leads us closer to understanding the career we want. You can gain experience in so many ways on- and off-campus. To enhance your learning experience, remember to pursue a self reflection throughout your experience.