Going global often doesn’t cost as much as you think.

The following costs are encountered by the average Go Global student:

Item Abroad At UBC’s Okanagan campus
Go Global fee $415.00 $0
Airfare $500 to 1,500 $0 to 1,500
Books and supplies $1,000 $1,000
Room and board $6,500 $6000
Medical/health insurance $500 $250
Passport/visa $50 to 600 $0
Personal spending $3,500 $2,500
Potential total $13,500 $11,500


Exchange (UBC tuition-paying): 

The majority of our winter exchange partners offer spots to our students through exchange programs, which allow you to pay the same tuition as you already do to UBC. For students on exchange, they will be charged UBC tuition for 15 credits per term.

Some universities offer summer programs as an exchange, in which case you will pay UBC for the equivalent number of credits as you will bring back to your degree.

Study Abroad (Partner tuition-paying): 

Students studying abroad will pay tuition directly to their partner institutionamounts to be determined by that institution. Only a few of our partners for winter exchange offer this option, specifically in Spain and Denmark. You can determine this under the “Tuition, Fees, and Awards” tab on each of our partner pages.

Some universities charge fees for their summer programs. These fees are collected by the host institution will be identified on the host institution’s website.

Funding sources

Here are some ways that UBC financially supports students on exchange:

Scholarships, awards, and bursaries

Go Global participants remain registered at UBC, so in most cases you will remain eligible for UBC awards, including affiliation scholarships, faculty, or department-specific awards.

Internal and external awards

UBC offers a variety of awards to students going on exchange, to help make their experience more affordable. Most students receive the $1,000 Go Global award. There are also a number of additional options that exist externally to UBC. Please review our Awards & Scholarships for more information.

Student loans

Go Global exchange are able to maintain student loan eligibility. To see how to factor your exchange plans into student loan applications, our Student Loan page will help!

You can start preparing your finances well before you go. A career advisor can help you sort through your options for part-time and summer work to find the right fit.