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Eligibility for undergraduate students

Grades and academic standing

  • Achieve 70% in your most recent academic term of full-time studies (as defined by your faculty) prior to applying for exchange (e.g. if the deadline is mid-December, your Term 1 average is used; if the deadline is early May, your Term 2 average is used), or
  • Achieve 70% in your last two terms (prior to applying) with a full-time course load as defined by your faculty (for those students who do not meet the condition above)
  • You must maintain a 70% average prior to your exchange departure
  • Be a UBC student in good standing (e.g. not being under academic probation or discipline)
  • Some of our partner institutions consider your cumulative average in addition to your term average

Note: These criteria are set to ensure that you are prepared to thrive academically while on exchange. However, we understand that there are cases when your average may drop below this standard but you are still able to demonstrate academic preparedness to participate. We do consider exceptions to these criteria. See below for appeals.

Academic year level

  • Complete 30 credits at UBC prior to going on exchange (speak with a Go Global Advisor directly if you do not meet this requirement).
  • Have full-time student status (as defined by your faculty) in the year prior to your exchange.
  • Have completed your English requirements
  • Students from any faculty may take part in summer programming through Go Global at any time
    • Management students cannot complete MGMT credit abroad until the summer after second year
  • During your exchange your academic year level will be:
    • Arts: Second, third, or fourth year
    • Science and Human Kinetics: Third or fourth year
    • Engineering and Visual Arts: Third year
    • Management: Third or fourth year
    • Media Studies: Third Year
  • In addition to the above, please review our faculty-specific considerations for Winter exchange students

English/writing requirements

Complete the English/LPI or writing requirement as required by your faculty prior to going on exchange.

Academic accommodation

Speak to your exchange advisor six weeks prior to applying if you require academic or other accommodations abroad.

Cross-campus eligibility

If you will be submitting your application while studying at UBC’s Okanagan campus, but intend to apply to transfer to the Vancouver campus, inform your Go Global Advisor.


You are ineligible to go on a Go Global experience if you:

  • Won’t be coming back to UBC for at least one term (this policy can be appealed by meeting with a Go Global Advisor)
  • Are a transfer student who hasn’t completed 30 credits at UBC
  • Are a visiting student
  • Have already done an exchange
  • Management students who plan to pursue accounting
  • Have a recent case of academic misconduct

Go Global 101: Eligibility


Eligibility appeals

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria, you must explain your reason for appeal to the Go Global Office (goglobal.okanagan@ubc.ca). Send this by email anytime until one week prior to the application deadline. If you do not seek prior approval, you will not be considered for an appeal.


If you received a Cr/D/Fail as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic during Term 2 of the 2019 Winter Session, the only impact these courses will have towards your Go Global eligibility is in regards to cumulative averages. Specifically, only courses receiving a final grade are counted in a cumulative GPA, so these courses will not be counted towards your cumulative GPA as no grade was assigned for them. Our partner institutions may interpret these results differently, so please reach out to Go Global if you have concerns about the impact of these results.

Eligibility for graduate students


Once accepted and matched to your partner institution, obtain pre-approval of your study plan as well as written permission from your supervisor to participate in the exchange.

Note: Graduate students have priority in matching.

Academic standing

Be a UBC student in good standing.


Seek approval (prior to going on exchange) in writing from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and your department for all coursework that you plan to take abroad. Transfer no more than 12 credits from the host institution.


Identify a sponsor at the host university.

Academic accommodation

Speak to your Go Global Advisor six weeks prior to applying if you require academic or other accommodations abroad.