Calculating Costs

The quality of a UBC education is world-class, and the cost of attending is very competitive.

If your son or daughter is planning to attend university, it's important to start making a financial plan now. UBC Okanagan expects students and their families to assume primary responsibility for covering the cost of their education. We have provided some tools to help you calculate the costs and plan a budget.

Cost Calculator

Cost Calculator

Tuition fees at UBC compare favourably with schools of the same high calibre. What will the total cost of your program be? Use our online cost calculator to find out.

The cost calculator will not only calculate expected educational costs, but will also calculate living costs, such as room and board.

Assessing resources

How much money has your son or daughter saved? What will your son or daughter earn over the course of the next year? How much will the family be able to contribute to the costs of their education?

Plan ahead

Sit down with your son or daughter and download our budget planning worksheet to help them get a clear picture of the year to come. Visit youbc and download the "Budget planning worksheet."


Student Financial Assistance & Awards can help students develop their financial plan. If your son or daughter would like to schedule a financial advising appointment, please contact us.

Fee payment methods

To find out more about the various payment options, visit the Awards, Fees & Finances website.

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