Research abroad & Special Opportunities

As a UBC student, you are eligible to conduct research at many of UBC’s 150 partner universities.

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Research opportunities

Students can participate in self-directed or structured programs. A list of currently available programs can be found on the Vancouver campus website (programs are open to students from both campuses unless otherwise specified).

Research Abroad Opportunities

Learn new techniques

Learn new research techniques and access equipment and resources beyond what might be offered at UBC.

Enhance your academic career

Graduate and professional schools look at unique and defining features in your academic and extracurricular experience.

Engage with people from other cultures

Learn about other cultures and how research is done in other countries.


Make contacts that you would not otherwise be able to meet.

Research Awards

Go Global Research program awards


Automatically considered with program application


Up to $2,000 per term


For undergraduate students to be eligible for the award, you must have an average of at least 70% on your best 24 credits in the Winter Session before your exchange (with no failed or incomplete courses). If you were on a co-op work term, you must have at least 70% on your best 12 credits in the other term.

Graduate students that are full-time and in good standing with their program with no outstanding or failed grades are also eligible for the Go Global Award.

Students must have support or supervision from a UBC faculty member and have confirmed an academic supervisor from the host institute. Students’ research activity must be a minimum of 4 weeks in duration and students must devote 30 – 40 hours per week on the research activity. Award recipients must meet the requirements of the host institution to be a visiting researcher or student (these vary by institution). Students must also complete the Student Safety Abroad travel requirements including reviewing online learning modules and completing the Student Safety Abroad Travel registry prior to departure.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.


Application overview

  1. Search and narrow down the three university partners that you would like to attend.
  2. Apply to Go Global with your three choices. Select the UBCO option where available, otherwise select the UniWide option.
  3. After you’re accepted to Go Global, you’ll get an email (six to eight weeks from the deadline date) that nominates you to apply directly to the university that you were matched to.

Online Application for Research Abroad

Be sure to begin the application process well in advance of the application deadline. To apply for a self-directed research abroad, you must complete the following:

Confirm departmental approval (only for Self-Directed Research Abroad)
Discuss your plans with your supervisor and confirm a supervisor at the host institution. You will also be required to secure support from a host university supervisor prior to applying. Proof of each is a requirement for application.

Apply to Go Global
Prior to the respective program deadline(s), complete and submit an online application and all required documents through Gateway. You can select up to three partner school programs or only self-directed research.

The Go Global Fee will be posted to the Student Service Centre (SSC) after the application deadline and will be posted to your tuition account 1-2 weeks after you have been accepted into one of the partner school programs, or 1-2 weeks after submitting a self-directed application, and will be due by the 7th of the following month (e.g. fee posted December 16th, due January 7th). You will be contacted by Go Global once the fee has been posted to your SSC, provided with the fee deadline, and prompted to make the payment. Payment of this fee is made through the SSC. Once your fee is posted to the SSC account the methods available to make payment are the same as for your normal tuition payments.

The Go Global Fee is:

  • $415.00 for applications submitted on or before August 31, 2024
  • $423.25 for applications submitted on or after September 1, 2024

Please ensure you review our Refund & Withdrawal policies.

Application Deadlines

Research deadlines vary by partner program. Please ensure you review our Research Abroad Opportunities for these dates.

Once accepted to Go Global, you’ll get an email (three to four weeks from the deadline date) nominating you to this university with specific instructions on how to apply directly to the program.


International conferences & special programs

Through partnerships and memberships with international learning organizations, Go Global occasionally offers a range of international programs that fit outside the box of Exchange, Research and Study Abroad, and Global Seminars.

A list of currently available programs can be found on the Vancouver campus website (programs are open to students from both campuses unless otherwise specified).

Conferences & Special Opportunities


If you have any questions about research abroad opportunities, contact your Go Global team.

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