Outbound short-term programs

Short-Term Experiences

Perhaps you aren’t able to study abroad for a semester or longer due to a variety of factors, but still want to take part in an international learning experience. If that sounds like you, consider our short-term experiences! We have a handful of great opportunities that you can explore here.

Summer Abroad

Our partner universities around the world offer many summer programs that allow you to study abroad at a prestigious university without interrupting your winter semester course load. You could also add a summer term of study before you begin your winter exchange.

Summer programs at our partner universities range in length from 3 – 12 weeks, with the majority of programs being a month in length and granting between 3 – 9 UBC credits.

Global Seminars

Want to study abroad, but prefer to travel and study with a group? Global Seminars are each unique in terms of location, course content, length, and cost. These programs offer you the chance to take UBC credit courses taught by UBC faculty members in an international location. Imagine the amazing learning opportunities…studying Travel Writing in Tanzania, or traditional Mayan land rights in Mexico.

Research Abroad

Get hands-on research experience at a university abroad or through a virtual opportunity and build non-credit work experience over the summer.

  • Conduct research in another country or virtually.
  • Add academic and extracurricular experience to your portfolio.
  • Enjoy a break from your regular UBC courseload.

Special Opportunities (International Conferences & Special Programs)

Through partnerships and memberships with international learning organizations, Go Global occasionally offers a range of international programs that fit outside the box of Exchange, Research and Study Abroad, and Global Seminars.