Summer abroad

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Our partner universities around the world offer many summer programs that allow you to study abroad at a prestigious university without interrupting your winter semester course load. You could also add a summer term of study before you begin your winter exchange.

Summer Abroad opportunities

Applications for Summer 2024 exchange opportunities are currently closed. Note that applications for Summer 2025 will have one deadline in December, 2024.

To see a list of our Summer partners and programs, please visit the link below:

Summer Session Partner Schools


Exchange opportunities are open to almost all faculties. There are a variety of eligibility requirements around grades, UBC credits completed, and academic standing. Students can take part in a summer experience at any point after having completed 30 UBC credits.


Application process

There are various deadlines for the programs. Make sure to check the experience page.

Apply online through the Go Global Gateway application system. You only need to choose one partner school option, but are able to choose up to three. Note that summer applications do not require submission of a proposed study plan.

The Go Global Fee will be posted to the Student Service Centre (SSC) after the application deadline and will be posted to your tuition account 1-2 weeks after the application deadline has passed and will be due by the 7th of the following month (e.g. fee posted December 16th, due January 7th). You will be contacted by Go Global once the fee has been posted to your SSC, provided with the fee deadline, and prompted to make the payment. Payment of this fee is made through the SSC. Once your fee is posted to the SSC account the methods available to make payment are the same as for your normal tuition payments.

The Go Global Fee is:

  • $415.00 for applications submitted on or before August 31, 2024
  • $423.25 for applications submitted on or after September 1, 2024

Please ensure you review our Refund & Withdrawal policies.

Apply online

UBC has switched to a new system called Workday for courses starting in September 2024. Actions relating to Winter 2024/25 registration and beyond will now be done in Workday, including making payments. See our step-by-step tutorials for how to use navigate Workday.

2024 Summer session students should continue to use SSC for registration and fee payments.

tuition Fees

When you apply to a Go Global summer program, it is important that you select the correct option in your application.

Exchange (“-SUMMER STUDY”): 

Some universities offer summer programs as an exchange. In this case, you will pay tuition to UBC while taking courses at the host institution.

Fee paying (“-STUDY ABROAD”): 

Some universities charge fees for their summer programs. These fees are collected by the host institution will be identified on the host institution’s website.

Summer Abroad Awards


Automatically considered with program application


Up to $1,000 per summer experience


All students nominated for summer abroad programs will be considered for this award. A separate application is not required. If you meet the eligibility criteria, then you will be notified of your award after nomination to the program.

To be eligible for the award, you must have an average of at least 70% on your best 18 credits in the Winter Session before your exchange (with no failed or incomplete courses). For example, if you are going on exchange in the Summer 2023 session, then your eligibility will be determined by your average and credits in the Winter 2022-23 session. If you were on a co-op work term, you must have at least 70% on your best nine credits in the other term.

Graduate students that are full-time and in good standing with their program are also eligible for the Go Global Summer Award.


Through the Global Pathfinder Award, established in 2019, UBC will award $100,000 in total funding to students who face barriers to participation in Go Global programming.


Applications are not currently being accepted for this program. This award is normally available to apply for from September – early November each year.

Please note that this award is for programs taking place during the 2023-24 academic year (Summer 2023 and Winter 23/24). 


$5000 for Winter term-based experiences and $2000 for Summer and Research experiences

Award recipients will be notified of funding before the Go Global application deadline


Criteria for this award is broad in scope to recognize that all students have unique circumstances, that may impact their ability to participate in international learning. Below is a list of suggested criteria that the selection committee may use.

  • Have not participated in a Go Global program in the past
  • Have unmet financial needs that hinder participation
  • Are eligible to participate in a Go Global program, and are in good standing in their faculty
  • Commitments and experience outside of school will be considered including:
    • family commitments
    • job commitments
    • community/faith commitments
  • Students that belong to under-represented or marginalized groups

All applications will be considered.


  1. Check the complete eligibility requirements for exchange
  2. Log on to Gateway
  3. Click on the “Search Experiences” tab
  4. Search “Pathfinder” in the Keywords section. This will bring up the application
  5. Select the term you wish to be abroad and complete your application

You can use the Global Pathfinder Budget Template (Excel spreadsheet) to plan your budget.

Transfer credits

To learn more about transfer credit, visit the transfer credit page.