About the Global Engagement Office

About us

The Global Engagement Office (GEO) works to foster a global campus community where inclusiveness, equity, open-mindedness, curiosity, and humility are nurtured at home and abroad.

GEO creates a collaborative approach to comprehensive internationalization efforts at UBCO, working with partners, students, staff, and faculty to create opportunities for all students to gain relevant international and intercultural experiences at home and abroad.

GEO includes International Student Advising, Go Global: International Learning Programs, and Intercultural Programming. GEO oversees international student advising, intercultural learning, language exchange programming, student safety abroad, mobility & international research (VIRS), student mobility partnerships, and faculty-led programming abroad.

Hours of Service

Monday to Friday
8:30 am to 4:30 pm (PT)

*Please note due to construction and painting from October 3 – October 11 all advising will be virtual only.


University Centre (UNC) 227

What we do

Offering comprehensive support for all UBC Okanagan students, GEO services include:

  • international student advising, safety, and support,
  • student mobility & international research (VIRS)
  • intercultural learning and faculty-led international programming for UBC Okanagan
  • student exchange and research
  • on-campus programming such as intercultural learning, professional development, language exchange, safety abroad, and post-graduation transition programs
  • faculty-led seminars, partnerships, orientation and settlement sessions, and  summer programming abroad

Meet the GEO Team

Dr. Philipp Reichert, RCIC

Director, Global Engagement Office

Dana Lowton, headshot Dr. Dana Lowton

Assistant Director, Go Global

Saher Ahmed, RISIA

Manager, International Student Advising & Intercultural Programming

Qin (Quinn) Xue, RISIA

Advisor, International Student Advising

Nora Lambrecht, RCIC

Graduate Student Specialist, International Student Advising

Matt Harling

Advisor, Go Global

Taseera Lwanga

Advisor, International Student Advising


Sebastian Kolesar

Global Engagement Coordinator

Gabriel Tan

Global Engagement Office Representative

Emilio Freire Raymond

Global Engagement Program Coordinator

Segundo Parra Jurado

Global Engagement Office Project Coordinator (Co-Op)


Hira Imam, Counsellor

Amanda Kaur Bual, Counsellor (on leave)