Intercultural Development Program

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Did you know that employers often seek candidates who have cross-cultural communication skills?

Regardless of what you study or where you are located, you will inevitably live and work with diverse people. Through hands-on workshops and practical involvement, UBCO’s Intercultural Development Program (IDP) will help you build your cross-cultural skills and intercultural fluency to better understand the intersections of culture with power, politics, identity, media, art, and other social structures.

To register for the Intercultural Development Program, please click HERE.


IDP helps students build cross-cultural skills and intercultural fluency that are required for academic and professional careers. We have various workshops that are facilitated by experienced staff and student coordinators on Intercultural topics that are relevant in today’s society. Workshops such as Intercultural 101 provide students with the opportunity to explore the relationship between culture, language, identity, politics and communication.

The workshops also help students develop meaningful strategies to communicate in culturally diverse communities in Canada and abroad. Once students complete the program, they receive a letter of completion and a reference to include on their resume.

Program outcomes

Through participating in the Intercultural Development Program, participants will:

  • identify and explore their own identities and academic/workplace expectations in relation to the expectations and perceptions of others through discussion, reflection, and engagement with guest speakers;
  • increase their understanding of social and cultural differences
  • Identify cultural positionalities through self-awareness, socio-political history, belief systems, and ideologies, to recognize and address your own values and biases
  • develop cross-cultural communication and interpersonal skills as a means to create more meaningful interactions in the school and workplace (for example networking, traveling abroad, communicating via email, meetings, and professional and social settings);
  • develop a realistic assessment of their biases and the impact of their own culture on value, assumptions, perceptions, expectations, and behavior;
  • increase their understanding and knowledge of historically, persistently, and systemically marginalized groups
  • understand the diverse and contextual nature of culture through empathetic listening and critical thinking
  • connect and network with professors, community organizations, and subject-matter experts;
  • participate in practical workshops such as resume building and mock job interviews;
  • receive a letter of completion and an opportunity to improve their resume with new intercultural skills and references.


The Intercultural Development Program is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at UBC’s Okanagan campus who are enrolled in the Winter session, including Canadian students, International students, and students going on exchange.


There are three components to the program:

Component one: Attend and participate in three workshops

We are currently facilitating student staff training.

All workshops will be held virtually beginning in February 2021. 

Please register for the program for additional information. We will update this list in the coming weeks. 

Unable to attend the workshops?

If you would like to participate in IDP but are unable to attend the required number of workshops because of classes or other reasons, email International Advisor, Saher Ahmed at to discuss options.

Presenting or requesting a workshop

Students and staff are welcome to present a relevant topic of interest. Additionally, if there is a topic that interests you that you would like us to facilitate, send us an email.

Component two: Complete a practical experience

Participants will complete a practical experience of your choosing, which provides an opportunity to practice and reflect upon your learning. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend an intercultural networking event (TBA) OR an  Intercultural Career Development Program (ICDP) workshop/event
  • IDP TAKE OVER –  Gain facilitation experience by presenting on an intercultural topic

Component three: Network with the IDP Community

Get to know the other students in the program over regular dinners, sharing articles and ideas on our Facebook group, going on field trips together, or attending special events.

For example, International Programs and Services collaborates and supports campus partners and student clubs. Some of the events we support are Age-Link, Harmony, Black History Month, Transgender Day of Remembrance, Pride activities, International Women’s Day, Rule out Racism and movie nights!

The IDP is a great way to connect with other students who are advocating for social change and working towards an intercultural campus community.

Meet the IDP Program Assistants

Zoia Suleiman

My name is Zoia and I am currently in my third-year in the International Relations program. Having a Circassian background and being born and raised in Syria, I have learned the importance of developing a sense of cultural identity at a young age. However, my experience in an  International school in Armenia has shown me that overcoming one’s biases about race, religion, and gender is a never-ending process. Although my future aspirations involve working with Syrian refugees, I am passionate about international development and all the themes it encompasses. As a part of this wonderful team, I hope to promote an inclusive environment in the UBCO community, where we could all learn and ‘unlearn’ together.


Fatema Elmansuri

My name is Fatema and I’m a third year student, working to complete my Arts degree in  Cultural Studies and Sociology. I’ve lived in a total of four countries throughout my life, which allowed me to bring to Canada and this university a culturally diverse international lens. Other than being a full time student, I am committed to the Muslim Student Club at UBC Okanagan and volunteer in teaching children weekly at the Islamic Centre. In my free time, I enjoy cooking and listening to music!



If you have questions about IDP, contact us at or by visiting UNC 227.