Global seminars

Want to study abroad, but prefer to travel and study with a group? Global Seminars are each unique in terms of location, course content, length, and cost. These programs offer you the chance to take UBC credit courses taught by UBC faculty members in an international location. Imagine the amazing learning opportunities…studying Travel Writing in Tanzania, or traditional Mayan land rights in Mexico.

Global Seminar AWARD


Automatically considered with program application




All students accepted into Global Seminar programs will be considered for the Global Seminar Award. A separate application is not required. To be eligible, you must successfully achieve 70% on your best nine credits of Term 1 (with no failed or incomplete courses). For programs running outside of the Summer Session, eligibility is determined based on performance in the Term 2 preceding the Global Seminar.

Graduate students that are full-time and in good standing with their program with no outstanding or failed grades are also eligible for the Go Global Award.

** This is different from other Go Global programs, due to the Award being paid out before the Summer Session in which you will go on your Global Seminar **

2023 programs still accepting applications

Programs now closed

Global Seminar Refund Policy

To withdraw your application after you’ve completed the application, you must contact Go Global by email to request a withdrawal.

Once you accept your spot in a program and your deposit has been charged to your SSC account, refunds cannot be issued.

If you have questions, please connect our advisors at

Global Seminar Proposals (for faculty)

Are you a UBC faculty member interested in developing a Global Seminar program? Explore how to initiate and create a new Global Seminar.


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