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Go further with your UBC degree.
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Interested in learning more about Go Global? We encourage you to watch our video series, Go Global 101, and to reach out to a Go Global Advisor to find out more!

Go Global services are available in-person, by e-mail, or on Zoom.

Applications are currently CLOSED for all programs. Round 2 applications for Term 2 or Split Year exchanges (programs commencing ~January 2024) will open in mid-March and a link to the list of available schools will be listed here then.

Programs for UBC students


Study for a term or two at one of our 200+ university partners worldwide. Courses may count towards your UBC degree.

Global seminars

Take a UBC course led by a faculty member with a group of students to experience hands-on learning.

Research abroad

Gain new skills and build your international network by completing research internationally.

Summer abroad

Spend the summer studying at one of our university partners without interrupting your winter semester course load.

Go Global 101

    The Ambassador’s Desk

      Come to UBC from abroad

      Study abroad at UBC Okanagan

      Study at UBC Okanagan for one or two terms (semesters).

      Visiting International Research Students

      Conduct research full-time at UBC under the supervision of a UBC faculty member.


      Go Global Mini Calendar

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