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Life can be expensive. Explore opportunities both on and off campus for earning some money to help pay the bills while you study. The student job board hosts hundreds of of employment and volunteer opportunities both on and off campus, available for students with a variety experience levels and career aspirations.

Visit the UBCO students' online job board to view all opportunities or post a position.


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The University of British Columbia does not pre-screen employers or endorse their products or services. Applicants for any job postings in this UBCO Job Board are responsible for ascertaining and verifying the terms and conditions of employment including: the nature of the work, the hours of work, work environment, duration of employment, the amount and type of remuneration (salary, hourly wage, commission or piece work), schedule of payment, benefits, reputation of the employer, and any cost to the employee associated with the employment (i.e., purchase of sales kits, equipment, travel expenses, car insurance, etc.). Be cautioned that it is not generally acceptable business practice for an employer to ask you to send them money-- this can be a "money mule" scam. 


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