Career advising

Reasons to connect with a Career Educator

  • Career exploration
  • Job search strategies
  • Graduate school exploration
  • Resume reviews
  • Mock interviews
  • General career-related questions

Attend one of the following Career Planning sessions, or book a virtual appointment with our Career Educator.

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Career Planning by Year Level – what to expect

Register for your Career Planning session through the Events Calendar

  • Career exploration and discussion around personal skills, values, and interests
  • Identify career options
  • Learn how to enhance your skill set
  • Discuss relevant academic programs
  • Reflection
  • Career exploration and gain relevant experience
  • Explore Co-op
  • Get curious by networking and speak with professionals in your field of interest
  • Discuss how and what major to chose based on career research
  • Goal set in order to met career criteria (GPA, internships, directed studies, experience, pre-req courses etc)
  • Reflection
  • Career exploration and gain relevant experience
  • Continue to be curious by networking and speak with professionals in your field of interest
  • Reflect on your experience/internship/co-op and continue or make adjustments to the plan
  • Explore further education options and application processes
  • Follow your career plan and reflect
  • Continue to build experience
  • Build relationships and identify opportunities

How do I continue my employment search during COVID-19?

Build Meaningful Connections


Finding you have some extra time to dedicate to networking? Join UBC on Hub of Ten Thousand Coffees to meet with alumni and other students.

Check out this article before logging in to get tips for a successful virtual coffee.


Build a LinkedIn profile and start connecting with UBC Alumni and professionals today!

Check our events page to find upcoming workshops, including our “Rock your LinkedIn Profile” workshops.

Attend a Careers Workshop

Resume Building

Make sure your resume is competitive and up to date. Join our career educator for some tips to build or update your resume.

March 9 at 11 AM (PST)
May 4 at 9 AM (PST)

Interview Skill Building

Practice answering interview questions with a friend, colleague or UBC staff member.

To schedule a mock interview, book an appointment.

Attend one of our Virtual Interview Skills workshops:

March 15 at 5 PM (PST)
May 6 at 9 AM (PST)

Virtual Job Search Strategies

Join our Career Educator to learn some tips, tricks and strategies for navigating your virtual job search.

April 28 at 1 PM (PST)

Find out who is hiring

Check out the Canadian COVID-19 List of Hiring Companies

Log in to the UBCO Student & Alumni Job Board

Personal and Professional Development

Continue to improve personally and professionally by attending Webinars and events hosted by employers. Find UBC events on the UBC Okanagan Events Calendar or Industry events on the Student and Alumni Job Board. LinkedIn is also a great platform for finding events that may interest you.

Meet the team

Contact Jana with any questions regarding on or off campus employment opportunities for UBCO students and alumni.  As well as any questions with regards to work integrated learning opportunities.


Contact Michele for any questions about on-campus employment opportunities, the Job Board, or the Work Study program.


Email Christine directly to book an appointment to explore some career ideas and next steps, along with reviewing your resume and clarifying your fit with the skills and educational requirements of different occupations.