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Please see below to learn more about the concurrent sessions offered at Parent Conference 2016.  Content for Parent Conference 2017 will be added in August.

Aboriginal Student Experience
Adrienne Vedan (Aboriginal Programs & Services)
The Aboriginal Student Advising team is here to support First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students as they make their transition to university.  Join us we explore the Aboriginal student experience here at UBC and answer your questions about scholarships, funding, and more.

Academic Expectations, Resources & Support for Your Student
Cindy Bourne (Math & Science Centre and Supplemental Learning), Amanda Brobbel (Library), Christine Squire (Advising & Involvement Centre), Deanna Simmons (Disability Resource Centre)
The university experience presents teaching and learning methods that are new to most first-year students. What will be expected of your student in the classroom? Where can they find the resources they will need to improve their learning skills? What are some characteristics of successful students at UBC? Learn more about the academic services and supports that can help your student navigate their academic career in a student-driven, teacher-supported learning environment both inside and outside the classroom.

Commuter Student Experience
Greg Mather (Campus Life)
Commuting students experience university from a different lens, balancing the demands of home and school. Join us as we explore opportunities specifically for commuters and some suggestions on how to best support your commuting student. 

Financial Picture
Student Services, Admissions & Awards Team (Enrolment Services), Gary Hartung (Parking & Food Services)
Understanding your student’s financial picture at UBC is important.  Join us as we discuss elements of students’ on-campus finances and answer commonly-asked questions about tuition and housing fee due dates, meal plans, medical/dental coverage and opting out, UBC’s General Bursary program, external awards, emergency funds, funding sources for beyond first year, and more. 

International Student Experience
Philipp Reichert & Carrie Karsgaard (International Programs & Services)
Join us to explore the international student experience at UBC Okanagan and have your questions answered by International Programs and Services staff.  This session will focus on Canadian healthcare, IRCC documentation, transitional support, the campus community, and the many ways to get involved both on- and off-campus.  *Please note that this session will not include scholarship or financial information as that is a part of the Financial Picture session

Navigating a Degree towards a Career
Robin Whittall & Terina Mailer (Advising & Involvement Centre)
There are lots of detours on the journey towards graduation and it’s easy to get lost along the way. When students are overwhelmed by the multiple paths that they can take, we can help. Attendees will learn about academic and career planning, on-campus employment, and helping your student stay on track. Find out how the Advising & Involvement Centre can help guide your student, taking them successfully from backpack to briefcase and beyond.

Student Well-Being: Physical, mental, and emotional health & disability services
Roger Wilson & Jean Bryans (Health & Wellness), Earllene Roberts (Disability Resource Centre), Layne McDougall (UBC Recreation)
Your student's well-being is important and multi-faceted.  Learn more about the services and supports from Health and Wellness (the student health centre on campus), the Disability Resource Centre (facilitating educational equity for students experiencing disability, illness, and injury), and UBC Recreation (offering programs and services that facilitate an active, healthy campus community).  Join us to learn more about how these departments come together to support your student's healthy and enjoyable experience at UBC.

Residence Experience (this session does not have a PowerPoint to download as it is largely a Q&A session)
Shannon Dunn (Business Operations)
One of the most frequent queries that we receive from parents and families is, “How can I support my student in residence?” This session includes basic information on the Residence Life program and facilities, resources available to students, and helpful tips for parents. A Q&A period will follow. Note: this session is only for parents of students in residence.

Thriving and Surviving at UBC Okanagan
Ian Cull (AVP Students)
Your student’s wellbeing is paramount.  Join Ian Cull, Associate Vice-President Students, as he explores the topics of safety, mental and physical wellness, and student life while sharing resources and support available to your students throughout their entire experience at UBC Okanagan.

What to expect from UBC as your student starts first year  (Monthly tips handbill)
Rob Johnson (Athletics & Recreation)
Parental support of first-year students is critical to their social, emotional, and academic success. Presenter Rob Johnson – a parent of three UBC students - will help you understand UBC’s expectations and your evolving parental role, discuss frequently asked questions by parents of new students, and outline how you can maintain much-needed support as your student starts their first year at UBC. 

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