Global Seminars

                   Italy GSP: Photo Credit Erik Standar

Applications for Summer 2019 Programs open Fall 2018.

Want to study abroad, but prefer to travel and study with a group? Is there a particular region or topic you want to learn more about that isn't currently offered through other UBC programs? A Global Seminar might be the right choice for you.

Global Seminars are each unique in terms of location, course content, length, and cost. Think about the amazing learning opportunities... imagine studying the geographical migration patterns in Spain and Morocco or learning about sustainable food systems in Italy!

Global Seminars offer you the chance to take UBC credit courses taught by UBC faculty members in an international location. These programs run in the summer but can still allow you to return home and have a summer job - what a great opportunity!!

Global Seminar options change every year and some will repeat from year to year. In 2018, we sent students and faculty to The Netherlands, Italy, China, Costa Rica, and Ghana.

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