You’ve done all the research and are ready to take the plunge. This section will provide you with all the info you need to put together your application.

Application overview

  1. Search and narrow down the three university partners that you would like to attend.
  2. Apply to Go Global with your three choices ranked in order of preference to attend.
  3. After you’re accepted to Go Global, you’ll get an email (six to eight weeks from the deadline date) that nominates you to apply directly to the university that you were matched to.

Online application

Start the application process well in advance of the application deadline, but review the eligibility criteria before starting an application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.


  • Undergraduate students can start an online application and follow the steps through “Gateway”, our online application program. In Gateway, you’ll be asked to submit a list of supporting documents. If you’ve already started an application through Gateway, you can resume your application from where you left off at any time.
    • Select the “-UBCO” option where available, otherwise select the “-UniWide” option (i.e. University of Glasgow-UBCO).
    • Applied Science students should select “-CIE” where available, otherwise the above note applies
  • The Go Global fee ($415.00) can be paid through the Student Service Centre (SSC). The fee will not be posted until after the Go Global deadline has passed.
  • Complete and submit supporting documents by the application deadline.

Apply Now

application GUIDE

Please note that the below video contains some information from an outdated website, however the application process remains the same.

Application deadlines

For studies in the 2021-22 academic year

Application period: Time frame: Deadline:
Round 1
ALL options available!
Term 1, Term 2, full year, and split year  December 15, 2020
Round 2
Limited number of partner universities available based on results from Round 1
Term 2 and split year May 6, 2021
Summer study options All locations December deadline: December 3, 2020
February deadline: January 28, 2021

Go Global fee

The Go Global Fee ($415.00) will be posted to the Student Service Centre (SSC) after the application deadline and will be posted to your tuition account 1-2 weeks after the application deadline has passed and will be due by the 7th of the following month (e.g. fee posted December 16th, due January 7th). You will be contacted by Go Global once the fee has been posted to your SSC, provided with the fee deadline, and prompted to make the payment. Payment of this fee is made through the SSC. Once your fee is posted to the SSC account the methods available to make payment are the same as for your normal tuition payments.

Please ensure you review our Refund & Withdrawal policies.