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Applications for Summer 2019 programs are now closed.

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What is a Global Seminar?

A Global Seminar provides UBC students with the opportunity to travel and study abroad with a group rather than individually. Global Seminars often focus on a particular region or topic of interest that isn't currently offered through other UBC programs.

Some Seminars are taught by UBC faculty members in an international location. Others are offered in partnership with other Canadian universities.

Global Seminars offer UBC faculty members a chance to “move the classroom” to a location that deepens the students’ learning experience. The international location and activities are essential to student learning goals.

How do I apply?

A Global Seminar proposal contains the following documents:

  1. Application Form
    • If you're submitting your application in hard copy format, attach the completed application form to the top of your application package.
  1. Letter of support from your Dean
    • Indicate confirmation that the course is supported by the department and that faculty, workloads, and compensation have been discussed and agreed upon.
    • This can be included in your application package or sent directly from the Dean by email to:
  2. Course syllabus
    • Include a schedule of the students' research activities, course assignments, and readings.
    • Outline how you will assess student learning.
  3. Program Itinerary
    • Outline the students' rough itinerary, including desired field visits, teaching locations and duration of stay in various locations, and any other important elements of the travel plan.
  4. Budget Template
  5. Completed Applications can be sent by email ( or given directly to the Go Global Office (UNC 207).

Who can I contact for more information on Global Seminars?

For further information, contact Dana Lowton,

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