Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interview Tips

It's time to sharpen your tools and begin your job search.

Job Search Start: Strategies

  • Networking Guide  --success through being involved
  • Kelowna Community Resources - Kelowna's online database listing volunteer opportunities
  • Information Interview Guide   -- reach out to understand the training and skills required in jobs of interest 
  • LinkedIn is a great source for finding people to ask for information interviews, research companies, join groups to hear what's being discussed in your target career area, and get hired!

    Cover letters

  • Key Resource

    Other Resources

    • Cover Letter Workshop
      Information on what a cover letter is, how to organize and format it, and what to include.


    Key Resource

    • Resume Guide - Part one, overview of structure and style
    • Boost your Bullets - Part two, choosing words and statements that best promote your accomplishments. Format style eg--

    Choose a key action word Describe what you did What was the positive result (because of what you did)?
     Developed new forms to track transactions which significantly improved efficiency and ensured consistency in our records and reports.
  • Video on how to write these accomplishment "bullets" on your resume. Video features ideas for your unpaid experience as well!

    Other Resources

    • Excellent UBC video tutorials  on how to write your resume (and CV); see additional topics and sample documents 
    • What about a CV? Here is a resource showing ideas of section headings etc. for academic applications
    • Rebecca Smith's e-resumés & Resources
      A guide to prepare an electronic resumé. It includes a resumé-building guide and job search resources, including a virtual resumé gallery, links to networking forums, meta-research tools, and links to post resumés.
    • Comprehensive university resume tutorial giving many tips for writing an effective resume. The details are in this one!





    The Career Centre's Key Resources

    Other Resources

    • Interview Cheat Sheet
      A useful outline of key points likely to come up during your interview.
    • Interview Network
      This site includes useful interview resource links. It also provides job specific interview questions.