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Intercultural Events, Training and Programming

As a campus that welcomes diverse students from around the world, we actively support events that bring us together and learning opportunities that support intercultural growth.

Here at UBC, everyone should have a place: to feel acknowledged and celebrated, to safely exchange ideas and opinions – and to just hang out.

Intercultural Events and Programs

Fashion shows, debates, dance performances, shared meals, and celebrations from around the world – these are only a few of the ways IPS brings our campus community together. To find out what’s going on, check out the IPS calendar in FIP 226.

We are always looking for ways to recognize the celebrations, cultural expressions, ideas and perspectives that contribute to UBCO – so bring us your ideas! Whether you’re a grad or undergrad student, get involved with IPS events – or initiate your own – by connecting with our Community Animators.

Community Animators

Our Graduate and Undergraduate Community Animators are here to create networks among the campus community, host and support intercultural events, and promote engagement with global issues. 

What can Community Animators do for you?

  • fund, promote and provide logistical support for your events and initiatives that bring diverse students together – whether for a public lecture or soccer game.
  • host a committee of students who want UBCO to be a place of global engagement and intercultural understanding.
  • keep a calendar of cultural events to help you get involved
  • make IPS a place where all students feel welcome!

Have an idea for an intercultural event on campus?  Do you want to support community building among diverse students?

Contact us at to get involved. Meet our Community Animators and IPS team.

Intercultural Training

It’s not enough to celebrate our diversity at UBCO – it’s also important we learn from one another and strive to work together. IPS develops and hosts interactive and dynamic intercultural workshops that help participants recognize the limits of their own perspectives, remain open to other ways of seeing the world, and learn to practically navigate cultural differences in their daily interactions with other people. Check out Developing Minds for a list of intercultural workshops.

Intercultural Development Program

If you really want to develop your ability to navigate cultural difference, check out our Intercultural Development Program. IPS is excited to offer this new credential, where a blend of hands-on workshops and practical experience will provide you with more in-depth training on how to live and work with people who are different from you.