After you apply

after you apply

You’ve navigated through the requirements and deadlines relevant to your Exchange.  All that’s left are just a few very important steps to prepare you for an amazing Exchange experience.

  1. Submit your completed partner university application to Go Global.
  2. Receive the acceptance letter from your partner university.
  3. Attend pre-departure orientation.
  4. Learn about the transfer credit process.
  5. Talk to your faculty/program advisor about your degree requirements and courses you wish to take while on Exchange.
  6. Research the financial side of going on Exchange, especially the international learning awards available to you!
  7. Get your important documents in place.
  8. Take care of your registration and tuition payments at UBC.
  9. Find a place to live.
  10. Explore the Student Safety Abroad Registry and register your details.
  11. Connect with other Exchange students.

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