Summer abroad

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Our partner universities around the world offer many summer programs that allow you to study abroad at a prestigious university without interrupting your winter semester course load. You could also add a summer term of study before you begin your winter exchange.

Summer exchange opportunities

Applications for summer 2022 exchange opportunities are currently open for select programs. Note that applications for Summer 2023 have two deadlines: December 13 (now closed) and January 26, 2023. To see a list of our Summer partners and programs, please visit the link below:

Summer Session Partner Schools

Application process

There are various deadlines for the programs. Make sure to check the experience page.

Apply online through the Go Global Gateway application system. You only need to choose one partner school option, but are able to choose up to three. Note that summer applications do not require submission of a proposed study plan.

There is a $415.00 application fee due on the 7th of the month following the application deadline. If you have applied for exchange in the 2023/24 academic year and have already paid the application fee, the summer application fee will be waived.

Apply online


Exchange (summer study): 

Some universities offer summer programs as an exchange. In this case, you will pay tuition to UBC while taking courses at the host institution.

Fee paying (study abroad): 

Some universities charge fees for their summer programs. These fees are collected by the host institution will be identified on the host institution’s website.

Transfer credits

To learn more about transfer credit, visit the transfer credit page.