Go Global Refunds

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Exchange and research abroad

To receive a refund of your Go Global fee, you must submit notice of your intention to withdraw from the Go Global program to your Go Global Advisor through email by the following deadlines:

  • Students going abroad in Summer: March 30
  • Students going abroad in Term 1: June 30
  • Students going abroad in Term 2: September 30

If you withdraw from the Go Global program by the deadlines stated above, you are eligible for a portion of your Go Global fee to be refunded. The amount of your refund will depend on the reasons for your withdrawal.

Reasons for withdrawal Amount of Go Global fee to be refunded
You have applied to Go Global but do not meet our minimum eligibility requirements. $321.75
Go Global cannot match you to a partner university. $321.75
The partner university does not accept your application and Go Global cannot find another academically suitable partner. $321.75
You withdraw from the program for reasons other than those states above. $93.25

Global seminars

Students are eligible for an adjustment of their deposit under the following circumstances:

Withdrawal within seven days of deposit being paid on your SSC

You are eligible to have your Global Seminar first payment adjusted from $1000 to $500 (e.g. you receive a $500 credit).

Withdrawal after seven days of deposit being posted on your SSC

The deposit and all remaining program fees are completely non-refundable. Exceptions may be determined at the discretion of Go Global.

Students who decide to withdraw their application must submit a request in writing by email to Go Global.