The Go Global Okanagan Team

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Photo taken on the Great Wall, Mutianyu, China

Dana Lowton, Go Global Manager

Responsible for: Incoming Exchange Students, VIRS, Global Seminars 

I am in my 11th year with Go Global and have loved watching it grow over the past decade. I am a BA graduate from UBC Okanagan and an MEd graduate from UBC Vancouver and spent part of that degree in Copenhagen. I’m currently working on my PhD with a focus in overseas short-term programs. I have a serious love of traveling, reading, and lifelong learning. 

I have learned an incredible amount while abroad and I’ve taken quite a few solo adventures. I highly recommend traveling alone at least once as it squashes fears and will boost your confidence to continue exploring. I fully believe that studying overseas is what you make it, so go abroad with an open mind and say yes to experiences no matter how scary they might sound at first. Introduce yourself to new people and don’t hide in your dorm room!


Photo taken near Henningsvær, Norway

Matt Harling, Go Global Advisor

Responsible For: Outgoing Exchange Students (Summer & Academic Year), Events & Promotion

I am new to the Go Global department at UBC Okanagan but have completed two degrees on campus, a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Education. I am currently studying to obtain a Masters in Business Administration through Thompson Rivers University. My passions include playing & watching football (soccer), supporting Liverpool FC, travel, and continued learning/development. I recently returned from a trip to England, Scotland, and Norway (where I was above the 68th parallel north).

As a frequent traveller and dual-citizen of Canada and the United Kingdom, I am well aware of some of the unique challenges and obstacles that students may encounter when considering whether to go on exchange as well as while on exchange. My goal as your Go Global Advisor is to help you have the best exchange experience possible while ensuring you meet all requirements for graduation. No matter where you decide to Go Global, it is a life-changing decision that you will never regret in life!



Photo taken at DAAD Conference in
New York, USA

Gabrielle Dubé, Go Global Ambassador

Grüss Gott guys! I’m Gabrielle and I completed an exchange in Munich at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität. If it wasn’t for the fact that I have to go back to the UBC Okanagan, I would have definitely stayed in Germany at least a little longer. The year I spent there was as fun as it was enriching and helpful for me. As an International Relations student, I believe my year abroad gave me so many new tools to use in my future studies, jobs and life in general. It helped me be more autonomous, tolerant, patient and way more efficient at dealing with the famous German bureaucracy.

Before I went to Germany, I did not have the chance to study German in depth, or barely at all really,  which made my first few months a little difficult language-wise. Fortunately, it was a great challenge that made me better at deducing and adapting myself to any kind of situations. I had the chance to forge amazing friendships with people from around the globe, which hopefully will facilitate my future travels to their home countries and even maybe future employment. They are people with whom I had one of the best times of my life, and I will forever be grateful to them for these incredible memories. I wish everyone could experience the ups and downs of being an exchange student in Germany, and I can’t wait to make everyone jealous when I come back!

If you have questions about going on exchange in Germany, please feel free to e-mail me!


Photo taken at Giants Causeway, Ireland

Rebecca Coulter, Go Global Ambassador

I am in my fifth year of Human Kinetics here at UBC Okanagan after spending my fourth year on exchange at University College Dublin in Ireland. Following my HMKN degree I hope to continue my education with a Masters in Physical Therapy. I love to travel and explore new places, and have been traveling with my family since I was a little girl. Go Global provided me the opportunity to see another part of the world while continuing my education, and degree, at a partner institution.

As a fourth-year student abroad, I faced different challenges in terms of courses and requirements compared to lower level exchange students but the experience I had abroad is worth the extra year of my degree. With all the assistance of academic and Go Global advisors, the hardest part of the process is deciding where in the world you want to study! Studying abroad for a year in Europe has been the best part of my undergraduate degree, and I encourage any student considering Go Global to do it as well!


Photo taken in St. Petersburg, Russia

Nazli Hassanpour, Go Global Ambassador 

I am a 5th year Zoology Honours major at UBC Okanagan returning from a year abroad at Uppsala University in Sweden. I come from Toronto, but I was born in Iran; I can speak 3 languages aside from English! I have lots of love for travel, animals, learning, and coffee of course. As a strong enthusiast of seizing opportunities for personal growth, I am excited to be an open source of information for students interested in Go Global opportunities. 

The Go Global program offers students transformational, experiential learning opportunities that enhance global awareness and cross-cultural understanding through meaningful engagement. I hope that the knowledge I have gained throughout my university experience and on exchange will allow me to showcase the Go Global program in such a way that will encourage other students to take the leap!

It may seem like participating in Go Global has obstacles and challenges, but there are plenty of people to help you along the way and it’s an experience you’ll never regret. I encourage everyone to at least consider the opportunity and to ask lots of questions. As cliche as it sounds, Go Global will change your life in ways you can’t even imagine!


Photo taken in Paris, France

Justine Doiron, Go Global Ambassador

Bonjour! I am a 5th year Management student focusing in Accounting. Born and raised in Vancouver, I love to run, hike and ski in my free time. I love the sense of community this campus has to offer and opportunity to be involved with the number of clubs and organizations on campus. You can often find me at MSA (Management Student Association) events and MSA Club events, or in the Kelowna community volunteering.

I participated in the Go Global program in September 2016 and went abroad to Lyon, France. My experience abroad was amazing—filled with delicious food, new friends from around the globe, great education, and countless adventures. From swimming in the south of France, to skiing in the German Alps, to enjoying high tea in London with new friends. I traveled to 17 different European countries and loved every moment of it. I chose to be an ambassador because I want to share my experience and knowledge to create an unforgettable experience for you!

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