There are many ways your student can get to and from campus and around the city.


The Universal Transportation Pass is a mandatory program from September-April for all students who are members of the UBCSUO (UBC Students' Union Okanagan) and have been assessed the UBC O Student Union fee. The U-Pass entitles its holders to unlimited access to the Kelowna Regional Transit System and access to HandyDART. For more information about the U-Pass visit the Students' Union website.

Driving & Car Pool

Students, staff, and faculty are encouraged to use transit both to help the environment and to ease parking congestion on campus.

Special car-pool permits and parking spaces are available for students who travel together.

Student vehicles should park only in the designated “Student Lots” with a valid parking pass. Students may choose to purchase a day pass from a ticket dispenser, monthly pass, semester pass, or a two-semester pass. Parking passes are valid only at the UBC Okanagan campus. Student pay parking is in effect all year round.


Commuter Cyclists

Commuter Cyclists

Bicycle racks are available outside of most buildings on campus. Students wishing to shower or keep belongings on campus can purchase towel and locker service from the Gym.

Visit Kelowna's official website to find a map of Kelowna's cycling routes.

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