Off-Campus housing guide: Moving out

Ending the contract, Cleaning and Move-out

The landlord will most likely set a time and date to come into your apartment and inspect the premises for any damages. You can ask your property manager/landlord for a move-out checklist. This would show you the things that they expect from you when you move out.

The landlord/property manager will typically ask you to sign an inspection report, which would indicate how much money will be deducted/returned from the security deposit and list any damages. This is where it is key to have the photos you took of any damages made prior to your tenancy. Make sure that you read the inspection report in full before signing and check for the amounts mentioned for accuracy.

Always discuss the return of the security deposit. You will need to provide a return address and can expect the return of the deposit within two weeks.

The SUO of UBC has a legal assistance system in place, UBCSUO Student Legal Aid. The UBCSUO is the Student Union for students at UBCO. They provide access to a lawyer who can assist all undergraduate and graduate students with tenancy legal issues.

Cleaning the apartment will be easier when done professionally. This would make it easier for the landlord/property manager to return the entire security deposit, but also comes at a financial cost.

Good luck in your search!