Immigration documents reminder system

About the UBC Immigration documents reminder system

The UBC Immigration documents reminder system is a new feature in the SSC. It helps you stay on top of your document expiry dates by emailing you reminders before the expiry dates. After you enter the expiry dates of your important documents, the Reminder System will send an email to you a few months before one of your documents will expire so that you can take an action ahead of time to renew or apply for a new document.  

Why am I receiving emails about the reminder system? 

The reminder system is a requirement for international degree students. Once you enter expiry dates and information into all of the document fields you will not get emails from the system until it is time to start the renewing/application processes.

Usually, you receive the reminder for the following reasons:

  • One or more documents are about to expire within four months. 
  • One or more documents are “in process”. The reminder will be sent to the student each month until you have updated the status of the document with the expiry date after you get the document. 
  • One or more document fields do not have status. For example, if you don’t require a TRV, and you leave the field unselected, you will keep getting reminders. You need to check the box “not applicable” instead of leaving the field unselected.

Documents you can track through the reminder system

  • Passport
  • study permit
  • TRV (if you are required. It is called Temporary Resident Visa or “entry visa”), and 
  • MSP (Medical Services Plan,  a health insurance plan required and provided by the BC government for those who stay in BC for more than six months). 

 How to use the documents reminder system 

The Reminder System is part of the Student Services Centre (SSC). To access it:

  1. Log into the SSC
  2. Under the “Personal Information” tab, select “Immigration Documents” 
  3. Enter information:
    • Click on the button to type into the expiry date for each document
    • Click on “Application in progress” if you are currently applying for/renewing the document 
    • Click on “Not applicable” if you’re not required to have this type of document
  4. Click “Save” and log out. 
  5. Watch for reminder emails and follow the instructions in the email to take the appropriate action to renew or apply for a new document.

You must take action at least 3 or 4 months before your documents expire.  


Frequently asked questions about the immigration documents reminder system

Does UBC report the status of my immigration documents to the government?

No. The Reminder System was designed as a benefit for you as an international student, and the expiry dates you provide will not be reported to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada – CIC) or any third party.

What does “Application in Process” mean?

You can use this response if you have applied for a new document or applied to renew a document and it has not arrived yet. You will continue to receive reminder emails each month until you enter a new expiry date. So enter the new date as soon as you receive your new document

How often will I receive a reminder message?
You will receive a message each month if a document is about to expire and you haven’t changed your response in the Reminder System, or you indicated “application in progress.”

You are responsible for maintaining your immigration status and obeying immigration regulations during your stay in Canada.

Check your primary immigration documents - passportstudy permit, and (if applicable), yourTemporary Resident Visa (TRV) - to make sure they're accurate and valid. Enter your expiration dates into the SSC through the Immigration Documents Reminder System so that you can plan to renew them and remain in Canada without interruption.

In most cases, your Canadian immigration documents will not be issued past the expiry date of your passport.

If you extend your study permit (or transition from student status to worker status by applying for a post-graduation work permit) you will need to extend other documents after you receive your new permit. See the table below to help you plan your document extensions.

Document type When to extend it
Passport At least 6 months before expiration date
Study Permitco-op work permit 3-4 months before expiration date
Temporary Resident Visa(TRV)
  • Before or after expiration date (depending on travel plans), usually after you extend your study permit or receive a post-graduation work permit
BC Services Card/CareCard Before expiration date, usually after you extend your study permit or receive a post-graduation work permit
Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Before expiration date, usually after you extend your study permit or receive a post-graduation work permit (optional, if you are authorized to work in Canada)

BC Identification Card (BCID) (Optional, if you want government-issued photo identification)
Driver's license (Optional)






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