Additional resources

Self-help resources

An important component of many treatment plans includes accessing the appropriate resources. To start, this may include learning more about mental health challenges that are relevant to you through online and printed educational resources.

As well, this might require incorporating new tools, activities, and strategies into your day in order to promote greater resilience and mental wellness. For some individuals, accessing campus resources through professional and/or student staff may improve their personal wellbeing; and in some cases, workshops and groups on campus may also be available to address individuals’ mental health needs.

Anxiety Canada
Centre for Clinical Interventions 
Kelty Eating Disorders 
Canadian Mental Health Association

Groups and workshops

Visit our Groups and workshops page to view a variety of groups and workshops offered in collaboration with UBCO Student Wellness.

Other groups:

Kelowna Connect counselling and therapy society

Connect Counselling & Therapy Society (formerly The Kelowna Family Centre) located in downtown Kelowna provides affordable and professional counselling services to adults, seniors, children and families. Counselling is offered to groups, individuals and couples to meet community needs. Connect Society can be reached at 250-860-3181 or by visiting them at 204-347 Leon Avenue, Kelowna.

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Mental Health Apps

The following apps may be useful in helping to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health issues. Most of these apps are free to download from the links below. If you are unsure which app may be most helpful for you, a counselor at Student Wellness can help you decide.


Anxiety Release based on EMDR
Anxiety Release shows you how to release anxious thoughts and feelings naturally, by harnessing the power of your brain.

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This app uses individual tools and tactics to develop healthy long-term habits for dealing with different symptoms and forms of anxiety.

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A problem-solving tool to help deal with emotions and cope with the stresses you encounter on- and off-campus.

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Suicide & depression

Can connect the user to support services 24/7 and includes several self-management tools and direct access to eCounselling.

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The CBT-based app offers users tactics for recognizing and altering thought and behavioral patterns.

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Relaxation & sleep

This app provides meditation options that are flexible to the situation you find yourself in.

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Using a cognitive-based approach, the app utilizes the imagination to help induce sleep.

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Insight Timer
Home to more than 3,200,000 meditators, Insight Timer is rated as the top free meditation app on the Android and iOS stores.

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