Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space

spiritual spaceThe new Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space in the University Centre was created to welcome the diverse spiritual and multi-faith practices of the UBC Okanagan campus community. This is one of the places on campus where students, faculty and staff can meet to express their spirituality and faith in a relaxed and private setting. The room is inviting with its natural light and warm wood features. The absence of any particular religious iconography or symbols sets a comfortable, neutral tone. The student-driven model for spiritual wellness at UBC Okanagan is inclusive of the rich diversity of campus interests, and reflective of the vision of UBC as a “Place of Mind”.

Two guidelines have developed as a result of the campus community dialogue carried out by VOICE Student Researchers:

Respect the Space – Please leave the room as you found it.

Respect the Beliefs of Others – Please do not criticize the beliefs of others nor force your beliefs onto others.

The Spiritual/Multi-Faith Space is located in the University Centre (UNC 328) and can be reserved for use Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm through Health and Wellness.  Please contact us if you are interested in joining any of the groups/activities that are currently booked or request to reserve the space by completing this Space Booking Form.

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