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Are you new to UBC? Let us be amongst the first to welcome you to UBC's Okanagan campus!

At UBC's Okanagan campus, all new-to-UBC students (including transfer and mature students) have the option to be paired with an upper-year student in the same academic program. These student leaders are known as Peer Mentors.

So what exactly is a Peer Mentor?

  • We can help answer your questions over the summer and throughout the academic year (we will be in touch by email)
  • We will guide your campus tour during Create Orientation day, and introduce you to other students in your faculty
  • We will send you a weekly email to let you know about upcoming events and opportunities for involvement on campus
  • We plan social and academic events for you and all other students to enjoy!
  • We are excited to share with you our student experience so you can benefit from our advise, insights and lessons learned
  • We are UBC Okanagan campus experts! We will refer you to the right resource/department whenever you face a challenge, need help, or wonder about more opportunities for growth

Sign up for your Peer Mentor!

Would you like the support of a Peer Mentor during your first semester at UBC's Okanagan campus?  Sign up now!

The following form can be used to sign up for a Peer Mentor as well as other orientation programs that start in September 2018.

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“Don't be scared to try new things or to make mistakes—this is the best way to learn more about yourself and grow as a person. There are so many opportunities for students to explore and follow their passions; take advantage of them.”

—Third Year Science Peer Mentor Melany (Right)


“Don’t be afraid to get involved on campus. It is a great way to meet and make connections with other like-minded student leaders and to explore interests and passions beyond your academic studies.”

—Third Year Visual Arts Peer Mentor Sarah (Left)


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