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Counselling and the Stepped Care Model

Counsellors provide a space for students to examine and explore behaviors, relationships, feelings or thoughts which cause concern or challenges in their life. Whether these problems are primarily impacting personal, social, or academic life, counsellors can help to strengthen a student's ability to cope and provide a valuable source of support. For more information on Counselling services in British Columbia, click here

When might you seek counselling?

Watch this short video prepared by our Health and Wellness team to help you decide if and when you might want to speak to a counsellor.

View emergency info, hours, and location

What can you expect in our *new* Stepped Care Counselling Model?

What is stepped care?

Stepped care is designed for high volume student care situations. If long-term or ongoing counselling is needed, particularly if students have pre-existing mental health concerns, counsellors will work with students to determine resources and options in the local community.

What happens in the first visit?

In your first visit with a counsellor, they will meet with you to clarify your current needs and/or goals. With your counsellor's support, you will develop an individualized plan to improve your overall well-being. This first visit is usually brief and shorter than a scheduled counselling session.

What kind of resources are offered?

For some individuals, campus resources offered by professional and/or student staff may be beneficial; and in some cases, workshops and groups on campus may also be available to address individuals' mental health needs. There are also a wide variety of web-based apps that are well established to aid in a variety of challenges.

Do all students need one-on-one counselling?

Research on student mental health suggests that diversity in care delivery, and not just in-clinic one-on-one sessions is highly effective in helping students achieve their goals.

Sometimes one-on-one support from a therapist or counsellor is the best fit for your needs and/or goals. If this is the case, individual counselling options in the community and on campus are available and will be discussed to determine the best fit.

Does this mean a lot of appointments?

Not necessarily. If you feel your needs would be better met by more frequent, long term counselling, Health and Wellness swill do our utmost to refer you to a counselling services that is right for you.

Where can I find information on mental health resources in the Kelowna area?

Please click on this link to see what is available that may help you. 

Key Information

Book an Appointment

To book an appointment with a counsellor, call 250 807 9270, noting possible cancellation fees if you need to reschedule. 

Crisis Response

If you're experiencing a crisis during our regular office hours, please call 250 807 9270 or come to UNC 337.

If our office is closed, call UBCO security at their emergency number of 250 807 8111

As UBCO students you have 24/7 access to Studentcare's EmpowerMe support services. EmpowerMe can be reached at 1 844 741 6389 or

by clicking this link: EMPOWER ME BY STUDENTCARE

If you have experienced a sexual assault, please refer to these resources and UBCO's Sexual Violence Response page

If you have concerns about a drug overdose and would like to learn about prevention, please refer to these tips and resources.


Stepped Care Model

!. First Counselling Visit: determine needs, priority and best resources for students to try.

2. Campus and Personal Self-Care:  Equip students with a range of community, campus and online resources.

3. Groups and Workshops:  Guide students to available support groups and workshops to develop a peer support network.

4. Individual Counselling: Provide appropriate resources to students needing individual counselling.



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