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Peer Mentors


All new-to-UBCO students (including transfer and mature students) are automatically provided access to Peer Mentor services.

Peer Mentors are seasoned, upper year students who are UBC Okanagan campus experts. Your peer mentor is your first point of connection and is here to answer all your questions, refer you to campus resources, and help you enhance your study skills for the university environment.

Your Peer Mentor will also help you connect with other students and find community by keeping you in the loop about upcoming events and opportunities.

How to connect with a peer mentor

All new students are automatically given access to the team of Peer Mentors, but we want to make sure you are paired with a mentor that fits you best. Mentors and mentees may benefit from having similar backgrounds, interests, and life experiences, so we invite you to choose the mentor you want to engage with.

To choose your Peer Mentor:

Step 1. View Peer Mentor bios

To find a mentor you relate to, check out what makes our team members unique (Hint: you might find a mentor who is enrolled in the same degree program, has similar hobbies, is from the same country, or shares similar personal or professional goals).

View biographies

Step 2: Pick a Peer Mentor

To select a Peer Mentor, visit your UBC Canvas dashboard and enter the Peer Mentor Access Hub. Click on the “Pick a Peer Mentor” button to view and join a mentor’s community. Need Help? Contact learning.hub@ubc.ca for more information.

Pick a Peer Mentor

Not a new-to-UBCO student, but want a Peer Mentor?

No problem! Anyone who would like a mentor is welcome to submit a request to join the Peer Mentor Access Hub.

Request a Peer Mentor

What to expect from your peer mentor

Your Peer Mentor will be one of the first faces you meet and will continue to support you until the end of your first year at UBCO. Starting in June, your Peer Mentor will be involved in your orientation experience and offer information, guidance, and resources to smooth your transition to university.

Your Peer Mentor is on hand to help with:

  • Making friends, building community, and improving study skills
  • Questions about how to prepare for the new school year
  • Tips, tricks, and helpful hints they’ve learned as a student
  • Sharing upcoming events and opportunities for involvement at UBCO
  • Finding the right resource or support service whenever you need help, face a challenge, or want to learn about opportunities for growth
  • Developing skills in time management, procrastination, motivation, exam preparation, textbook reading, note taking, and more!
  • Opportunities to set, meet, evaluate and achieve academic goals

Information for faculty & staff

Peer Mentors may request your help to better support their mentees, and may be able to support you in turn with:

Gathering student input

Peer mentors are highly motivated and trained student leaders whose roles allow them to learn from their upper-year peers and their new-to-UBC mentees.

Facilitated study sessions

Peer Mentors specialize in learning strategies and offer weekly, student-led group study sessions. If you think your students would benefit from supported, uninterrupted study time, contact us.

Event & program support

Peer mentors may be available to support you with your special events or programs during the year. Please contact us for inquiries.

Information sharing & promotion

Peer mentors share accurate and timely information with their mentees every week. We’d like to hear from you if you think new students could benefit from learning about your program, event, or department.

We look forward to working together with you to provide an exceptional experience for the entire campus community.

Refer a student

Contact us if you think a student you know would benefit from connecting with a peer mentor.

We want to hear from you!

Did you have a great experience? Support not available when you need it?

Whatever the case, let us know! We welcome all feedback about our services. To share, please email learning.hub@ubc.ca or submit your feedback anonymously.

Questions? Contact us at learning.hub@ubc.ca

We can’t do what we do without great student staff. If you want to work in the Hub you should be in the second, third, or fourth year of an undergraduate degree program. Interested applicants must demonstrate:

  • A high level of academic achievement, combined with excellent writing and communication skills
  • The ability to clearly and concisely explain concepts to their peers
  • Excellent communication skills and a friendly and positive attitude
  • A desire to provide guidance and help others learn

Although we generally recruit staff in early spring via the UBC Okanagan Job Board, you are welcome to connect with us about your interest at any time. Check the UBCO Job Board regularly to view any current postings.