Crisis Response

Emergency and Crisis Response

A crisis can be caused by events such as physical or emotional injury or illness, thoughts of suicide, harassment or discrimination, worries about your safety, substance misuse, violence, or  academic failure.

Sexual Assault Crisis and Concerns

Please alert Campus Security to any concerns that you may have about sexual assaults. If you are the victim of an assault please seek out the appropriate health care as soon as possible. Health and Wellness attempts to respond to these concerns as soon as possible. Resources are also available on our Support for Student Survivors brochure and Sexual Consent Information page.

Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm

If you are faced with an emergency or crisis, a counsellor or other health care provider will see you as soon as possible. During normal office hours, please call 250 807 9270 or come to UNC 337 and let the person you speak with know that you are experiencing a crisis or emergency.

After Hours and Weekends

If you experience a crisis or emergency after routine office hours, please call UBCO security at their emergency number of 250 807 8111. RCMP and ambulance are available by calling 911.


If you are a resident on campus, others that may be able to assist in a crisis or emergency are your Resident Advisor or the Resident Life Manager.


If you are a student who is concerned about another student, reach out and offer support using this guide of steps and resources, provided by UBC Vancouver.

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