Music to help you destress during finals

Finals season is finally upon us. In this last stretch of the term the burnout hits, stress levels run high, and it can get challenging to be productive.

Music is always something that has helped me get through these times. I’ve compiled a list of songs that help me relieve anxiety, destress, and unwind when it all gets a bit much.


“Vienna” by Billy Joel
Billy Joel Album cover The Stranger


“Vienna” is a great song that reminds me to slow down. We don’t have to have everything figured out right now and that’s okay! 





“Baby, You’re Out” by Mac DeMarco
Mac DeMarco album This Old Dog


The entire This Old Dog album by Mac DeMarco is very relaxing for me. His music has a very laid-back, easy-going vibe that is infectious. Particularly, in the song “Baby, You’re Out”, Mac reflects on how unhelpful it can be to ruminate over past decisions. This helps me keep moving forward and not dwell on any mistakes I made during the semester.




“Time Moves Slow” by BadBadNotGood
Badbadnotgood album IV


The instruments in this song just put me at ease. The lyrics themselves are a little melancholic but the guitar and drums are very calming.  




“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

Bobby McFerrin Album cover Simple Pleasures

This song is great because it puts things into perspective! I tend to get in my head a lot and this song helps bring me back to my physical body.  





“Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson album cover in between dreams

“Banana Pancakes” reminds me that the little things in life are the most joyous ones. Exams may be important but they are not the most important thing in the world… banana pancakes are 🙂 





“20 Something” by SZA
SZA's CTRL album cover

Our 20s are a tumultuous time in our life. There
are’s ups, there’s and downs as we navigate adulthood. 20 Something reminds me that I’m not alone in that experience.   





“Fine Line” by Harry Styles
Harry Styles album cover Fine Line
“Fine Line” is a great song for exam season because it repeats the line ‘We’ll be alright’, and we will. No matter how this semester will go or has gone, we’re always perfectly fine by the end of it.  





More songs to help you destress
We asked other students at the UBCO campus their go-to destress songs. Here are their choices:

  • “Mood Ring” by Lorde 
  • “Location” by Dave and Burna Boy 
  • “For the Rest of My Life” – by Maher Zain (vocals only version)
  • “No Flowers at My Balcony” by El Jazzy Chavo 

To find all these songs and many more on a compiled playlist, check out our Spotify playlist: UBCO Student Study Mix 2023

 Congrats on making it to the end of the semester! 



Ideja Efendija is a a third-year international student majoring in International Relations. Originally from Kosovo, she’s lived most of her life in Kenya. She is passionate about politics, Lana Del Rey, and language learning. As a student content creator, she hopes to create content that entertains and fosters community at UBCO. 


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  1. Mia

    I feel so inspired by this playlist! I love how you’re incorporating your love for music, and making it interactive for other students here <3 UGH! I love building community through music!!! Amazing job, Ideja 🙂

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