Volunteer opportunities

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Volunteering enables students to connect in-class learning with valuable, career-related work experience. Students will have the opportunity to gain practical training, participate in professional development, meaningfully reflect on experiences, and contribute positively to the campus and/or local community.

Sample volunteer positions

Not all positions listed below are actively recruiting. If you are interested in one of these positions, check the UBCO Job Board for current openings. If you have further questions about a position, direct your questions to the contact stated on the position description.

Job board

Department Position Number of openings Recruiting time
 Academic Advising  Learning Coach (PDF)  5  September/October
 Academic Advising  Social Media Coordinator (PDF)  1  End of September
 Athletics & Recreation  Event Assistant (PDF)  15  Early September/late October
Student Experience Office Peer Mentor Team Lead (PDF) 15+ January/February
Student Experience Office Peer Mentor (PDF) 115+ January/February
Student Experience Office Food Exchange Assistant (PDF) 10 Early February for next academic year
Student Experience Office Create Faculty Team Lead (PDF) 8 Early February for n ext academic year
Student Experience Office Create Orientation Leader (PDF) 100+ Early February for next academic year
Student Experience Office Reading Week Volunteer (PDF) 5 Early January for mid February
Career Services Job Coach (PDF) 3 November
Community Service Learning Beyond the Bell Youth Mentor (PDF) 6 Ongoing
Community Service Learning Community Technology Program Volunteer (PDF) 10 Ongoing
Community Service Learning Booksale Volunteer (PDF) 6 January
Disability Resource Centre Ambassador for events and media (PDF) 1 Mid-July
Equity & Inclusion Office Equity ambassador (PDF) 6 August and early September
Go Global Communications leader (PDF) 1 August
Go Global Peer Advisor (PDF) 3 August
UBCEFRT Emergency First Responder (PDF) 70 September and possibly January
S.A.R.A. Campaign team leader 2 August – October