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Picking the right volunteer opportunity

The key to success is to choose opportunities that match your skills, interests and availability. An opportunity description contains all the information you need to decide whether or not the opportunity interests you, your skills and expertise match the requirements and your availability meets the organization’s needs. Every opportunity description is linked to the organization’s profile page. Reading the mission statement and visiting the organization’s website will help you decide whether or not you would like to support the organization and its activities. In addition to carefully reading the opportunity description and other information provided by the organization, we recommend you consider the following:

Type of organization

Would you like to support a community-based grassroots organization, a national or international NGO, a local government or a United Nations agency? When making your choice, bear in mind that organizations’ needs, capacities, resources, communication styles and experience with online volunteer management are as diverse as organization types.

Development topic

Is there a cause you would like to support? Do you find a specific approach towards development particularly effective? Your convictions are an important factor in determining the success of your engagement in an assignment.

Time commitment

How much time per week would you like to devote to volunteering online? Would you like to get involved in a long-term project, or would you rather commit to a short-term assignment with a fixed end date? The amount of time indicated in the opportunity description serves as an estimate by the organization, and gives you an idea of the task’s anticipated time-frame.

Task & Skills

What tasks do you enjoy undertaking? What skills would you like to share with an organization to support their development work? You may opt to use your professional expertise to support a worthwhile cause, or you may prefer to engage in a task that differs from your everyday job. It is perfectly acceptable to search for an opportunity that will enhance your skills or allow you to gain experience, as long as you are confident that you are able to complete the assignment successfully.


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