Next steps

To apply for the Tuum Est Student Initiative Fund, review your eligibility for funding.

Plan your application

Tuum Est Student Advisor

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Tuum Est Student Program Assistant to discuss their eligibility, application,  budget, and other sources of funding (if necessary or appropriate) before submitting an application. Contact us.


You may also consider approaching your mentor directly to seek their input and involvement in the initiative and help you begin the application process.

Preparing your application

Explore these resources prior to beginning your application to learn about the components of a successful, well-written application:

Budgeting tools

Take a look at the example of a completed budget below for an idea of what the committee is looking for in a completed budget. You are responsible and accountable for all funds disbursed to your initiative or conference so take the time to ensure your budget is as accurate as possible.


When you are ready to submit an application, choose the appropriate application and complete the online form. Spend time on your application and be as detailed as possible. We want to share and support your vision so tell us as much as you can about what you are planning.

Application overview

Pick a name that easily and quickly describes your initiative.

When describing the details of the initiative or competition and its purpose, be sure to include:

  • Background or need for initiative. This is when you really sell it and are thinking about why this particular initiative/event is needed and why it should be funded.
  • Description of who the initiative is for and who is involved. Think about what group(s) of people you are targeting your initiative to (e.g. Program, Faculty, year level, or other affiliation)? Who is going to help you or the initiative get off the ground?
  • The format of your initiative. Is it a one-day event, a fundraiser with a sit-down dinner, or a keynote speaker? Will it be open to the public or just the campus community? Give us some details here so we can share your vision.

Meeting the pillars of the program

Your initiative or competition must meet the pillars of the program. Spend time and elaborate here. This is probably the most important section of the application.

These pillars are the guiding philosophy of the Tuum Est Fund and we would like to see you articulate how your initiative will enhance these important values. Think about how students will be more successful as a result of your initiative, will they have learned something or behaved differently? Will your initiative promote a stronger connection to your degree program, and if so, how? Will your initiative enhance student engagement on campus? For example, will students get involved in the planning of this initiative and learn more about campus resources? Will they be inspired to be active in their campus community through a student group or club as a result of your initiative? List the specific outcomes of your initiative.


We would like your initiative to be successful so we would like to know how you plan to promote it to the campus and/or the community and how you plan to share your team’s experience with the campus and surrounding community. This might factor into your budget as you may want to print materials or advertise. There may also be opportunities for the Get Involved program or Student Connect to help you with your promotion, so consult with the Tuum Est Program Assistant to learn more.

If you have developed a web or related social media page, include that here.


Consider when is the ideal time to launch your initiative. As a hint – work backward from the implementation date in making your plan and be realistic in planning how long things may take. Ask your mentor or the Tuum Est Program Assistant for input on the feasibility of your timeline and the tasks involved. Consider other events and activities on campus that may be occurring at the same time of year.

Requested funding

The details of your funding request must include information for other funding applied for and received to date. Your application must also include a detailed budget outlining all of your expenses and any other funding and/or income sources for your event (tickets sales, sponsorship, club funding, etc.).


You are responsible and accountable for all funds disbursed to your initiative or conference so take the time to ensure you have planned your expenses and your budget is as accurate as possible.