Pillars of the Tuum Est Student Initiative Fund

All applications to the Tuum Est Student Initiative Fund are evaluated based on how well they meet the three pillars and the positive impact they bring to the campus community. To receive funding for a project, meet the following criteria and guidelines to bring your initiative to life.

Student success

Student success is looking within and beyond the classroom for unique opportunities to learn, lead, and develop new strengths. For example, attending conferences, skill development workshops, management and leadership training.

Program connections

Program connections speak to how students within the same academic program develop a sense of belonging and connection to their faculty, peers, and field of study. For example, organizing program-related conferences at UBC, promoting dialogue, and participating in competitions.

Campus affinity

Campus affinity relates to the positive connection between our students and the UBC Okanagan campus. For example, hosting cultural events at UBC, programs that can uniquely occur in the Okanagan, and events that foster a greater sense of community with UBC’s Okanagan campus.

Criteria and guidelines

Before determining your eligibility, be sure to explore all funding opportunities at UBCO. Click below to see what other sources of funding are available to you.


  • Applications must be submitted and approved for funding prior to the initiative, conference, or competition start date
  • The applicant must be a continuing undergraduate or graduate student on the Okanagan campus
  • All applications must have a strong connection to the three pillars of the fund
  • Degree, curriculum, or academic requirements are not eligible for funding
  • Certifications, start-ups, or for-profit initiatives are not eligible for funding
  • Funds cannot be used to pay or subsidize income (wages, honorariums, stipends, etc.) for students or mentors
  • Initiatives must not be a duplication of an existing service or event
  • Funding for initiatives may not be used to purchase alcohol
  • Travel must be within Canada or the United States
  • Applications are not eligible for funding top-up after the initial approval
  • Students may receive funding to attend one conference per academic year
  • Graduating students may apply to attend conferences occurring prior to their convocation date
  • Groups organizing annual events will receive a decrease in funding in subsequent years following their initial funding award
  • A maximum of two students per group can be funded to attend the same conference
  • Funding for catering for events will be limited to $7 per person
  • Applications from student groups who obtain additional sources of funding, including but not limited to these funding opportunities, will be viewed favourably by the Approval Committee