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Writing While Black

Writing While Black (WWB) is a writing community led and created by Stephanie Awotwi-Pratt, a UBCO graduate student. The purpose of WWB is to connect and empower Black writers at UBCO. We invite all Black writers to join, from any discipline and with any level of writing experience. Students, staff, and faculty are welcome.

Through sharing sessions, guided discussions, and meaningful dialogues, WWB engages with anti-racist pedagogies, challenging norms and biases prevalent in the world of writing. WWB aims to be a catalyst for healing, collaboration, and growth, providing a space where Black writers can freely explore, express, and cultivate their writing potential. In doing so, WWB strives to build community, inspire confidence, and amplify the voices of Black writers at UBCO.

WWB will arrange monthly meet-ups with snacks and drinks provided. Join in person or virtually.

Our mission

To foster a space for Black writers at UBCO, where individuals from diverse backgrounds and writing levels can give and receive community support. To promote academic writing interest, highlight personal voice, creativity, and anti-racist pedagogies through facilitated discussions, sharing, and meaningful dialogue. To foster healing, collaboration, and growth among Black writers by providing a space to explore, express, and develop their writing potential.

How do I join?

Simply fill out the form below. We will reach out in mid-September with a poll to find a time for our first meeting.

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