4 responses to “I think I can, I know I can, I don’t have time ”

  1. Emma Lainez

    Hi Nganga! My name is Emma?✌?, and I’m also an international student, from Honduras ?? , and fellow creative. I am going to start classes at ubco this fall. I really liked your blog because I indentify with your words. Especially during quarantine I feel like I got drowned into social media. Many ideas raced through my mind, but I found myself wasting time more than anything. This sumer I will work on a youtube channel?. I wish you the best on your work as a content creator??, I’ll be sure to check out any other blogs you make in the future!

    1. Alvin

      Thanks for reading Emma! I hope you enjoy making videos for your channel!

  2. Daniel

    we all have things in our heads and i think if we spent time actualizing those things and feelings, in whatever form they come out, the world is more beautiful for it.

    excited for the next thing you make.

    1. Alvin Nganga

      This is true! Thanks for the support Daniel!

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