3 responses to “Why I’m excited to spend summer break in the Okanagan ”

  1. Benjamin Halsall

    Water Polo at Tugboat Beach should definitely be on the list! We have a great group of adults and students that play water polo each Tuesday & Sunday evening at this great beach in Waterfront Park. This is a really fun way to stay cool in the summer whilst making new friends and playing an awesome team sport on the lake!

    There will be a chance to play for free at the Kelowna Made community festival on 27th August. It would be great to see you down there!


    1. Christina Chin

      What an awesome opportunity! We’ve seen some of the games at Tugboat, but didn’t know how to get involved. Thanks for sharing this info!

      1. Benjamin Halsall

        That is great! Pop down to the Kelowna Made Festival this coming Saturday to play some games with Kelowna Water Polo Swim Club!!

        It will be a lot of fun!

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