Work Study

Working on campus is an excellent way for students to learn through doing, create strong connections within the UBC Community, and develop professional skills required for life beyond their degree.

$400,000 is available through the Work Study Program each year in subsidies to enable faculty and staff at UBC’s Okanagan campus to create outstanding student employment opportunities. Funding is awarded to eligible employers via a competitive application and adjudication process.

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Reminder of recent program changes

Work Study will fund 80% of the minimum wage. Faculties/departments will be responsible for the remaining 20% plus any discretionary top-up and employer-paid payroll expenses.

Student Eligibility
While all full-time undergraduate and master’s level students are still eligible, applicants must indicate the degree level they intend to hire. 10% of Work Study funding will be reserved for grad students, with the remaining 90% reserved for undergrads to reflect the proportions of our campus population

Proposal Hours Max
Project maximum hours have been reduced from 816 to 624 hours for the winter term (Sept 1 – April 30) to address low-hour utilization during exam periods and reading breaks. Individual students will have a maximum of 312 hours available.  Summer hours remain the same at 680 hours max per project.

You are encouraged to attend info sessions in November 2024, find out more, and have your questions answered.

Apply for Work Study funding

Next application period: December 2024

Application instructions

Attend an information session (November 2024)

Information sessions are recommended for any faculty and staff who are considering applying for Work Study funding. Even if you have applied in previous years, info sessions are helpful to keep up to date with any changes to the program. At each info session we will review:

  • program changes
  • the terms of the program,
  • the process of application and adjudication, and
  • steps for hiring students if awarded funding

If you have questions about the upcoming Work Study period, please contact the Program Coordinator


Key dates 2024/25 Work study session

Summer program Winter program
Session dates May 1 to August 31 September 1 to April 30
Call for proposals December 1 2023 – January 16 2024
Hourly reimbursement $13.92
Applicant maximums Two proposals, each for max 680 summer hours and 624 winter hours.
Student weekly hour limits and maximums 20 hours per week or 340 hours total 12 hours per week or 312 hours total
Funding announcements Late February
Positions posted March August
Hiring deadline April 30, 2024 September 13, 2024
Waitlist review Early July Mid October
Site visits July January

Required Employer Contribution

The Work Study Program provides a subsidy of 80% of BC’s minimum wage. Minimum wage in BC is currently $17.40/hr, and the Work Study reimbursement is $13.92/hr.

Employers are responsible for paying the remaining 20% of minimum wage, plus 14% employer paid payroll expenses (CPP, EI, etc.) and any discretionary salary top up via an authorized UBC cost center according to payroll deadlines.

Program goals

Funding is awarded to faculty and staff at UBC’s Okanagan campus who are committed to providing enriched, educational on campus employment opportunities for students. Work Study positions should focus on the student experience and provide opportunity for intentional reflection throughout the experience.

To be considered for funding, employers must clearly identify how their student position fulfills the following Student Learning and Proposal Outcomes. See the Scoring Rubric (PDF) for further details.

Student learning outcomes

Throughout the course of a Work Study position student(s) will gain the following:

  • Personal and professional growth
  • Workplace skills
  • Career exploration
  • Hands on learning – opportunities to learn through doing
  • Mentorship and support – safe and supportive workplace environment for students to learn and grow

Proposal outcomes

Work that is funded through the Work Study program must contribute to the goals and priorities of the faculty/department, campus, and/or university as a whole.