How the card works

  1. This wide stripe carries information on your meal plan and Novell account. It is encoded with your student number and access to your meal plan account. Money can be loaded into a database through the office. To make food purchases, the card is swiped on cash registers in the cafeteria.
    For faculty and staff, this stripe carries your employee number, which means you can swipe your card through a photocopier card reader.
  2. The magnetized stripes can become demagnetized if it rubs against another card in your wallet or if the card is left near a magnet. Once the stripes are demagnetized, all information regarding your identification and money is permanently lost; however, your meal account information will not be harmed. Once a new card is printed, you will be able to access the meal plan database again.
  3. This is where your U-Pass sticker should be placed. If the sticker is placed too close to the magnetic stripe, your card will not function properly.
  4. This bar code gives you access to library and interlibrary loan services. If the bar code will not scan, the library staff can manually enter the numbers below. Faculty and staff will be entered into the database the first time they use any library services.

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