Supporting your student’s remote learning

These tips and resources will help you support your student so they can effectively navigate learning online:

  • Spend some time together discussing your student’s learning goals and any concerns, questions, or fears they might have. Then, explore the resources and consider which ones can best address your student’s individual needs.
  • Drafting a support plan together fosters the self-efficacy and confidence your student needs to independently pursue support and embrace responsibility for their learning goals.
  • Prep for success before term starts with Keep Learning, a comprehensive guide to learning online at UBC.
  • If your student is living with you, you can encourage focus and productivity by helping them set up a dedicated study space.
  • Encourage your student to prepare for online learning by exploring more about how to do well in an online course.
  • Team up with your student to develop effective habits for both studying and working remotely.


Although the tech-related issues of remote learning can be intimidating and frustrating, support is available for your student.

Knowing what tools are being used is a good place to start, so explore the learning technologies your student will likely encounter.

Supporting your student as they learn online will have you taking on many new roles, but technical support should not be one of these. Online learning coaches are available to assist students with all questions, concerns, and issues associated with remote learning.

Assistive technology

The Inclusive Technology Lab facilitates learning and research through access and training with assistive technologies.  Online consultation about assistive technologies to support students’ learning needs is available by emailing